Guam-A Different Perspective

Many of the world's top telecommunications firms, consultants and government information technology teams converged on the Hyatt Regency Guam this week for the Armed Forces Communication Electronics Association Marianas Chapter Guam's TechNet 2013.  AFCEA, as they are commonly known as, is an International organization that is dedicated to increasing knowledge through the exploration of issues relevant to its members in information technology, communications and electronics for the defense, homeland security, and intelligence communities.   

In talking to some of the participants who frequent the AFCEA events around the region were bullish on this year's Guam event for a number of reasons.  First, the federal budget problems have challenged U.S. government folks from attending these events nowadays-in fact we learned that the Korea event was cancelled in response to budget concerns and a potential low turnout.  Second, the timing is appropriate considering the refocus of efforts on Guam and attention because of recent posturing in the region.  And finally, the weather is perfect! Partly cloudy skies and 88 degree temperatures are in the forecast for the AFCEA Marianas Golf Tournament to wrap up the activities.

The keynote speaker, Admiral David Simpson of the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA), was a riveting orator who's enthusiasm for technologies for our war fighters was evident throughout his talk.  As Vice Director of DISA, he is charged with ensuring the DOD is able to not only communicate between the respective command headquarters and the battlefield, but to ensure the safety and integrity of America's defense and homeland security IT networks.  His engagement and knowledge allowed participants a glimpse into the future of tech by the DOD and how they are planning to get there in these austere times.

Gov Guam was in force to talk tech and the impacts to efforts to the "Green Guam" initiative.  While the talk was timely, there are remaining questions on how they will finance their plans as a social agenda is driving the administration currently.  Technology and social programs can be addressed simultaneously, but need a focused and realistic effort to fund such priorities at a time when the world is drawn so much closer to our island via the world wide web and advances in technology in every sector.

As a community, the AFCEA Marianas Chapter Guam is a small group.  They have great advocates locally.  We should take time to learn more about there efforts and appreciate their contribution to the economy-a sizable chunk of the nearly $2 Billion in 2010 as part of the greater federal defense spend for Guam.  Their policy reach is as wide and are going to be key in our island's efforts to keep pace with a rapidly growing industry in America and the rest of the world.  

We should keep an eye on these folks and support their efforts to further protect our homeland and the greater American family.

Spec for LED Street Lights and Report of Parking Garage Lighting Released by DOE

It appears that times are busy at the US Department of Energy (DOE). 

LEDs Magazine is reporting that the DOE, via its Municipal Solid-State Street Lighting Consortium (MSSLC), has released its model specification that municipalities and utilities can use as a template for procuring LED street lights with integral network and adaptive-control technology. The Tulsa, Oklahoma-based on-line media group said last week that the final specification is another step in the MSSLC's goal of helping cities, local agencies, and utilities accelerate the deployment of solid-state lighting (SSL) technology for roadway and parking applications.

You can download the "Model Specification for Adaptive Control and Remote Monitoring of LEDRoadway Luminaires" document from the DOE SSL web site. This new spec follows the original baseline model specification document for roadway luminaires, a financial analysis tool, and demonstration reports released by the MSSLC.

The same MSSLC Program also announced last week that at the parking structure of the U.S. Department of Labor headquarters in Washington, D.C., LED luminaires were installed in place of the incumbent high-pressure sodium (HPS) luminaires and evaluated for relative light quantity and performance.   On-line lighting giant Edison Report said that results showed energy savings of 52% from the initial conversion of HPS to LED—which increased to 88% by using occupancy sensor controls—and simple payback periods of 6.5 and 4.9 years for retrofit and new construction scenarios, respectively.

I have truly enjoyed the reports from the MSSLC.  You should check them out.  The DOE Municipal Solid-State Street Lighting Consortium shares technical information and experiences related to LED street and area lighting demonstrations and serves as an objective resource for evaluating new products on the market intended for those applications. Cities, power providers, and others who invest in street and area lighting are invited to join the Consortium and share their experiences.

Give us a call or drop GET, LLC a line to discuss bringing an LED solution to your respective building or facility.

Ambit National Consultant Challenges Us to Reflect on "Where do you want to be?"

Ambit Energy National Consultant Carlos Marin poses an interesting question to us this week-GET, LLC and other consultants are surely pondering an answer and most importantly a response.  Marin wrote:

" One of the main reasons why people are unhappy or dissatisfied with where they are in life is because they haven't decided where they actually want to be.

If you keep 'hoping' things will get better, without a clear, definite end in mind you'll NEVER achieve the results you desire in your life or in your business.

So what kind of results do you desire? More recognition? More financial freedom? More respect and admiration from your family and loved ones?

Figure out what it is that you WANT and WHERE you want to be, then determine a plan of action to get yourself there. It's not until we truly see the "end in mind" that we can get really clear about the steps we need to take to make those dreams a reality.

Each and every one of us have the potential to be million dollar income earners and change our own lives, and the lives of those we love and care about. It's not enough to just go through the motions. Use your imagination to feel the feelings of already being WHO you desire to be and make up your mind that you WILL attain the desires and dreams you have in life."

Thanks Carlos.  He continues to inspire and take our respective businesses to the next level.

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Need to get to 180 Feet? Genie Rolls Out SX-180-the World's Biggest Boom

GET, LLC is so very proud to be a part of the Terex/Genie Family.  While our TZ-50 has been pretty busy as of late, the news of a product almost three-and-a-half times that of ours has us pretty excited for the future of the aerial lift industry and our place in it.

The latest announcement on the world's largest boom seem to show that business is growing and if your job requires to get to a certain height, then Terex can get you there.

In Munich, Germany Terex unveiled the SX-180. The Genie SX-180 is a self-propelled telescopic boom for use in the oil and gas industries, commercial construction, industrial construction and maintenance, and general maintenance.

“Customers are always looking for new and innovative ways to carry out their work more efficiently and more effectively," said Terex AWP Senior Product Manager Scott Krieger.  "In concert with customer input, our engineers have been able to reach new heights for this next generation of Genie telescopic boom lifts."

With its 54.9 m (180 ft) vertical reach and 24.4 m (80 ft) horizontal reach, the Genie SX-180 provides a 2.44 m (8 ft) x 0.91 m (3 ft) platform and has an unrestricted capacity of 340 kg (750 lb).

Take it one step furhter, the SX-180 is designed to be driven at full height. The speeds range from .4 mph open at 125 feet to fully stowed at 2.5 mph-I say be safer that sorry!

More importantly, why GET LLC like it is the newly designed X-chassis that extends and retracts to provide stability on the job and a narrow profile for transport. The boom lift’s stowed dimensions are 3.05m (10 ft) height and 2.5 m (8 ft 2 in) wide. With a stowed length of 12.98 m (42 ft, 7 in).  It is a machine that weighs 54,000 lbs and requires no over width or over height permits allowing it to be easily transported on a truck.

Worldwide availability will begin in the second half of 2013.  

If this is something you need on your next jobsite, give GET, LLC a call or drop us a line to discuss further.

Guam-A Different Perspective

The lifeblood of Guam's tourism industry could get a boost from its American brethren-but there are some in the local industry call it the fastest way to pull money out of our market to support the other struggling tourist markets in the United States.  There are also many on Capitol Hill that want to see more tourists come to America, but not taking a moment to appreciate what the U.S. Territories-specifically Guam-bring to this collective effort.  

The Travel Promotion Act of 2010 was passed with much fanfare and a significant level of support by the leadership in Guam. Equity in representation on the 11-member Board of the Corporation for Travel Promotion was asked for by Former Guam Governor Felix Camacho and Delegate Madeline Bordallo.  The Obama Administration remained silent.  The leaders of Micronesia who also have stake in the regional visitors industry lobbied heavily with the U.S. Department o f Commerce for a say on the board as well.  There was no answer from the Secretary's Office. 

The Board's main purpose is to promote foreign travelers to the U.S., which is expected to boost the economy, and provide information for requirements to enter the United States. The public-private board is comprised of representatives from hotel and hospitality groups as well as state tourism members.  

A majority of our over one million visitors come  to our shores from Japan.  We rank second among all US Destinations welcoming 40 percent of the 2.4 million Japanese tourists to America each year.  It would be of significant benefit that the funds doled out to Brand USA have some play in Guam's major markets and funded by the feds. Especially during these challenging economic times in America that include the challenges faced with the U.S. federal budget. 

Also, this public-private effort was launched in response to the U.S.’s declining share of global travelers in the first decade of the new millennium. It is reported that as the middle class grows in developing economies around the world, millions of new travelers are crossing national borders for leisure, family, business, scholarly research and other types of travel every year. Those consumers of travel are now bombarded with a litany of messaging from competing destinations like Australia, Mexico and Turkey that influence their choice of travel. Brand USA is charged to influence those consumers at the point of decision to travel to the U.S.  In an editorial written recently by California Congressman Sam Farr and Alabama Representative Jo Bonner, the two argued that Brand USA should leverage the power of the travel industry and government to grow the economy, create jobs and help balance budgets in all the states. The two surmised that for every 33 new travelers to the U.S., one new job is created. That translates to over half a million new American jobs thanks to the 21 million travelers expected to visit the USA by 2016. The legislative duo offered that such is, "a real economic stimulus that can be achieved by simply putting out the welcome mat".  

Where does that leave Guam?  Out? In?  No real effort to engage this issue facing our island today.  Did I say that Brand USA is funded by fees generated from the Visa Waiver Program.  OK-so we have a Guam Only Visa Waiver Program.  But aren't we apart of AMERICA! A little help goes a long way out here in the  Western Pacific.  Let's all keep a close eye on this way to boost our economy.

March Furniture Sales in United States Up

An interesting report out of the furniture industry as it appears that while total retail sales dipped 0.4% in March from the previous month, the furniture industry saw a rebound last month with a 0.9% increase over February, according to the latest report from the U.S. Department of Commerce.

The Commerce Report said that furniture and home furnishings store sales increased to $8.11 billion in February, from an adjusted $8.04 billion the month before. Sales were up 2.8% from a revised $7.89 billion in March 2012.

The decline in overall retail sales in March, was the second drop in three months.

Furniture Today reported that for the quarter, furniture sales were up 0.7% from the fourth quarter and 3.1% from the first quarter of 2012. 

For more on how GET,LLC through our friends at Savoy Contract Furniture and teaming partner American Hotel Register can assist you with your furniture needs, please check out our website and drop us a line or give us a call.

Independence LED Tubes APPROVED by DLC

The long awaited DesignLights Consortium Listing has approved the Independence LED Lighting LED Tubes.

The DesignLightsConsortium®(DLC) Qualified Products List (QPL) Members, who are utilities and energy-efficiency programs throughout the United States, have been asked by customers and suppliers to provide incentives for solid-state lighting (SSL) fixtures, most of which are NOT ENERGY STAR labeled. These Members are interested in providing incentives for high-performing LED products which meet individual sponsor criteria, since 2009.

According to the DLC Website," The qualified products list is a resource for program administrators, to help them decide which solid state lighting products to include in their energy efficiency promotions. Their primary reference tool for SSLs is ENERGY STAR, however the regional list fills in gaps in categories which ENERGY STAR does not include. DOE’s ENERGY STAR team is working in cooperation with DLC to develop the Qualified Products List (QPL) and procedures. The Members expect the products from their QPL will eventually be incorporated into the ENERGY STAR list once corresponding categories are added."

The US Company's first submission included all three color temperatures for their NEW 4' 12 Watt LED tubes, to retrofit fluorescent tubes in 2' x 4' troffers that are such common fixtures across the US and around the world. This retrofit configuration is based on a set of four tubes (R4).

All three colors are now on the DLC Qualified Products List:
R4-41235K-85-Cby-V2 (3500 Kelvin)
R4-41240K-85-Cby-V2 (4000 Kelvin)
R4-41250K-85-Cby-V2 (5000 Kelvin)

Also, Independence LED Lighting has also since submitted additional fixture configurations with more to come, so GET, LLC and other Independence LED Lighting partners expect a rolling set of new  listings over and above these core base line tubes.

CEO Charlie Szoradi and the team at Independence LED say that one of the reasons that they started with their 4' 12 Watt LED Tube is that it provides the most flexibility for different applications. Utility companies typically cross check the product numbers and often accept that if the LED tube is listed that it deserves a rebate in other applications. Remember that the utility company is the decision maker on the rebates, and uses DLC as a guide.  

Unfortunately for Guam, such is not applicable with the Guam Power Authority-that doesn't mean there can be other opportunities to assist your respective facility.

For our friends outside of the Western Pacific, since certain utility companies offer major incentives for DLC Listed products, this is NOTICE to you that some utilities pay 50% of the combined LED and installation costs, so the lower net cost yields paybacks with very favorable ROI.

Give GET, LLC a call or drop us an email to reserve product, given the high level of demand that we have seen in anticipation of this news.

No Courage? A Challenge from an Ambit Energy National Consultant

How is your week going so far? Hopefully you've set your goals and are on target for another successful day in business.

If you're having trouble getting started or moving forward, think about this from Ambit Energy National Consultant Carlos Marin.

 "...What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?", said Marin.  "It wouldn't be. Life is movement. Inaction based on fear not only stops you from achieving, it stops you from truly living. You must know the consequences of staying where you are... Your future depends on what you do TODAY.

The fear of failure can be stifling, but it’s nowhere near as bad as the realization of looking back on great opportunities you never took.  Don’t be satisfied with telling stories others have lived.  

Start writing your own story, and creating the life you desire."

Trish and I encourage you to have courage and keep on pushing-you'll be glad you did.

As we continued to ask you, to find out how to turn on the cash flow whenever someone uses electricity and gas at

GET LLC thanks you for clicking the link above and thanks you in advance for signing up with Ambit Energy.

Guam-A Different Perspective

I heard some great news last weekend-the Guam Football Association (GFA) is very close to the construction of a new artificial turf soccer field in Southern Guam.  The village of Agat will be the beneficiary of the generosity of soccer's world governing body, FIFA and the GFA.  

The proposed site-adjacent to the Agat Solid Waste Transfer Station-will feature the Island's fourth modern pitch and brings  a world class facility to the area.  This plan has been in the making for just over four years and will be a great addition to the island when complete.  GFA and the Guam Department of Parks and Recreation recently signed an Memorandum of Understanding for this effort and legislation to solidify the construction is expected in the coming months.

As a soccer dad of kids from Southern Guam, this news reminds me of the importance of such to the growth of the game in the region.  Other sports could only wish to have the kind of facilities young soccer players here have today.  Nearly 40 years ago, the sport was relegated to a field in Tamuning where a handful of Korean construction workers and young Chinese and Chamorro boys emulated the play of the "Soccer God" at the time the legendary Edison Arantes do Nascimento better known as PelĂ©. Today a couple of thousand young people play the game.  No problems with un-playable fields during inclement weather today-a pitch that is played on year round. Guam is ranked 79th in the FIFA Women's World Ranking with the Men's team holding the 179th spot.

Many across the Guam sporting scene are a bit jealous of the great facilities.  Baseball, still considered the national sport of the island, has the Paseo Stadium.  But the "Jewel of the Pacific" is in disrepair  Basketball is huge in every village.  But hoopsters have to deal with venues that are less than stellar.  Mixed Martial Arts is on the rise thanks to our boys getting breaks with the UFC's The Ultimate Fighter and Bellator MMA, but the International Olympic Committee dropping Wrestling from the Olympic Program will have some direct impact on MMA in the years to come.  Boxing, rugby and volleyball are being practiced with little to be done to grow their respective facilities further.

Modern sports facilities will certainly help grow sporting activities locally.  They would also draw many from across the Pacific Rim to use them.  These sporting enthusiasts want to practice their respective sport under our sun and blue skies all year round.  Sports tourism continues to contribute to the surge in visitor arrival numbers and will be important towards the overall growth of the island's main economic driver.  Nippon Professional and Korean Professional Baseball League Spring Training, J-League pre-Season Soccer Camps and international running and triathlon events continue to bring tourists to our shores each and every year.  Creative ways to bring more to our sports federations and athletes will only mean more success in the international fields of competition.

The proposed GFA South Field is a great boost for "The Beautiful Game" played here.  We should all get behind sports facility improvement where we can and give our kids a chance to take their game to heights never seen and to allow them to share their talents with others. 

Some Great Reasons to Choose Independence LED Lighting For Your Next Lighting Project

GET, LLC continues to work with Independence LED Lighting to provide one of the industry's top lighting solutions to your respective organizations.  Why choose Independence LED?  Here are some reasons:

-The "Best Built LED Tubes" continue to lead the industry with the highest lumen per watt tubes, aircraft grade aluminum deep fin heat sinks, and external drivers.

-Independence LED Lighting has increased their LED tube efficiency to over 112 lumens per watt. This is 20% more efficient than completing LED tubes and saves 65% or more over fluorescent tubes.

-Lifetime Savings:
Sample Savings over T8 and Metal Halide across 60,000h at $.12/kWh
Our 4' Fluorescent T8 Replacement: SAVINGS = $165.60
Our Parking Fixture: SAVINGS = $943.20
Our High Bay Fixture: SAVINGS = $2,404.80

-OVERALL: Market Traction
In 2012, Independence LED Lighting doubled their revenue for the fourth year in a row, and the tubes are now installed across Fortune 100 companies as well as U.S. civilian Government and military retrofits.

Did we say that Independence LED will be at LIGHTFAIR® International (LFI®)-the largest trade show in its history in Philadelphia on April 21-25 2013.  The event will have additions to the show floor, conference program and events schedule designed to deliver technologies and information that will define the future. The LFI 2013 trade show will feature more than 500 exhibitors spanning more than 200,000 net square feet; 80+ first-time exhibitors; the addition of two new product categories—solar power and software; the debut of the new Exterior & Roadway Lighting Pavilion.  If you are in the area, please check it out.

Give Trish or I a call or please send an email so we can set aside time to discuss how we can provide a lighting solution to you or your organization.

Moving Forward-An Ambit Energy "Nudge"

Ambit Energy National Consultant Carlos Marin continues to try to guide GET LLC and other consultants in pushing our respective businesses forward.  This week he struck a cord with Trish and I:

"...Many of you may still be feeling disappointed because you haven't hit your goals for the week. We were reading an article earlier today and a quote really stood out. The author, Beverly Sills said, 'You may be disappointed if you fail, but you are doomed if you don't try.'

We tell you, it's not too late. You are still in time to make BIG things happen, but it's up to you to make it rain! Most of us give up right before we reach the grand prize. So, rather than going to Happy Hour or escaping as we're accustomed to doing, GO MAKE BIG THINGS HAPPEN!

Empower yourself and make the choices you know will fulfill you and advance you toward your dreams and desires. ~ 'If it is to be, it's up to me'".

Ambit Energy is ranked #14 on the list of top 100 direct selling companies in the world and is the largest energy company on the list!

Remember- Find out how to turn on the cash flow whenever someone uses electricity and gas at

Guam-A Different Perspective

At a time when attention is being drawn to Guam for military threats being made from North Korea, I felt it would be a good time to take a different approach to this whole matter. 

I would like to invite you to Guam to visit our beautiful island.  Paradise Guam is seeing record tourism numbers this year.  They are coming from Russia, China, Korea and our number one market-Japan.  With the white sands, warm temperatures, blue skies and turquoise waters-Paradise Guam is the place to be.  If you like shopping, Guam offers some of the best products and services from  America. Thanks to our Duty Free designation, there is much more that your foreign currency and or your US dollar can buy.  Gifts, fine jewelry, high end clothing are all here.  For the more adventurous, Golf is big in Guam-seven courses are spread throughout  our 240 square miles here in the Western Pacific to challenge the beginner to the seasoned professional. Diving Guam is spectacular as well-don't forget "Blue Hole"!  Also, great international cuisine is abound to catch your fancy.  Finally Guam is rich in heritage and culture that we encourage you to explore on your own and see why this Chamorro and Micronesian center of the Pacific is so important to the region as a whole. 

Guam is a safe destination.  The U.S. military "book-end" our island.  American service men and women proudly defend democracy in this part of the world-including many young people from Guam.  Local law enforcement remains committed to protecting the 10,000 plus visitors on any given day here.  From Yigo to Merizo, Paradise Guam is ready and willing to welcome you with open arms.

With all the attention, couldn't we find other ways to broker peace in the region?

 This week, on a sport talk radio program here a listener recommended the Guam Football Association reach out to FIFA and the North Korean National Soccer Team to plan immediately and play a friendly soccer match-a variation of the table tennis diplomacy employed in the 1970's to foster peace between the US A and China. North Korea is ranked 102 in the world.  Guam sits at 179 on the world soccer governing body's recent rankings.  The match could be played here or in Pyongyang.  Invite the President of North Korea to watch.  Bring a delegation of US Officials to witness the match.  Throw in our "live-event starved" visitors and locals and you have the potential for a great event. Probably would draw more attention than the recent exploits of former-NBA Star Dennis Rodman who was in North Korea , as part of serious binge, to bring peace to the region.  Leo Palace Resort in Yona or GFA Headquarters in would be good venues-a huge chance to showcase Guam's sports tourism efforts .By the way,  it would not be the first time these two teams would have engaged on the pitch.  North Korea beat Guam 5-0 back in December of last year as part of the East Asian Football Federation's East Asian Cup.  Positive, not negative, news would result in such a match.  It would surely help the amount of games for the Matao as part of the FA's Vision efforts.  More importantly, the attention would take the edge out of this growing and very tense situation.

Drawing away thoughts about the crazy Korean President, closure of work into the North from South Korea, and Pyongyang moving a medium range missile to its eastern coast is the intent.  Good media is always better than bad.  

The rhetoric has people here a bit on edge. We need to turn it around and make this situation a better one for everyone involved.

ASTM International Clarify Proposed Revisions to Case Good Tip-Over Standard

An interesting development out of ASTM International-the globally recognized leader in the development of international voluntary consensus standards-related to proposed revisions to a voluntary tip-over standard used by many case goods manufacturers.

The revisions update how far a dresser or chest's drawers should be pulled out during tip-over testing. The rule will affect clothing storage units including children's furniture, chests, door chests, bureaus armoires and dressers taller than 30 inches. The standard is aimed at preventing furniture from tipping over on children.

The revisions, while pending approval by the ASTM, could be published sometime this month.
The current standard, ASTM F2057-09b, requires product testing and tip restraint devices be included with bedroom case pieces over 30 inches in height.

Furniture Today is reporting that while voluntary, the standards are important because many suppliers adopt them as de facto baselines for industry safety. ASTM standards can also be cited in contractual language, referenced by a code body, or mandated by a state or local government.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission says that every two weeks a child dies from a tip-over accident. Young children who climb on open dresser drawers, for instance, can cause the furniture to tip over on them, risking injury or suffocation.

Industry sources said the existing rule has long required that drawers be extended 66% for tip over testing. It's anticipated that the new rule will require full 100% extension.

GET, LLC, in partnership with Savoy Furniture, can further discuss your case good needs and keeping your rooms safe.

Ambit National Consultant Reminds Us to "Connect with Your Purpose"

National Consultant for Ambit Energy Carlos Marin was spot on this week telling GET, LLC and other consultants this past weekend that the most important thing you can know is what's important to YOU. 

Marin said, "Your purpose in life is to find your purpose and give yourself to it. This purpose we speak of is really your 'why'. What motivates you? What change do you wish to see in the world? How can you make the life experience for yourself and those you love more meaningful and pleasant?

When you find your passion in life and are motivated by internal drivers rather than external drivers the results you seek in your life will begin to manifest. 

Get focused, get disciplined, and work with the purpose that truly connects you to who you are.

Use this passion and motivation to grow your business and help others do the same. Remain positive, forget about any past failures - and start fresh today."

Thanks Carlos for those words.  Remember- Find out how to turn on the cash flow whenever someone uses electricity and gas at