2014 A Strong Year for Terex

GET, LLC is encouraged by words recently by Terex Chairman and CEO Rob DeFeo  who speaking to Great Britain-based International Construction Magazine recently said that the company's 2014 prospects will be strong led by its lifting division Genie.

“From a financial point of view, fleets are old and there is high utilization today," said DeFeo. "Used equipment values are strong, and ultimately the customer base is planning well when it comes to replacing fleet.”

DeFeo said the company would leverage its Genie aerial platform business to increase sales to the rental channel and further adapt its products – which include excavators and backhoe loaders – to the rental market.

“Our construction products are still too expensive and too traditional”, he said, “Give us some time to adapt them and work with Genie [for the rental channel]…I’d rather grow the business than walk away from the business.”

Terex announced that the company would develop a range of ‘channel specific’ backhoes and material handling products during 2014 and 2015 and as part of the rental growth strategy, Terex launched a ‘Direct to Rental’ (D2R) program-that will see Genie to sell selected Terex Construction products to its rental customers in North America, including backhoe loaders and boom truck cranes from Terex Cranes.

We are going to be a part of Terex's 2014 growth and we want you to come help us make it a successful year.

If you have any aerial lift needs and would like to discuss potential solutions, please drop GET, LLC a line via our website at www.get-guam.com or give us a call at 671-797-0789-your authorized Terex/Genie Representative for Guam and Micronesia.

Guam-A Different Perspective

XTERRA Guam, the Guam International Marathon, the 27th Annual Guam Micronesia Island Fair and the Guam Live International Music Festival will bring much focus on the U.S. Territory over the next few months.  These high profile events bring a great number of benefits-primarily tourism and media exposure.  At a time when the Asia Pacific tourism market is growing annually by five percent, it makes much sense to take advantage of this and diversify our market further by reaching across the region to bring more people to our shores.  Yes-most of the focus has been on China and Russia to be the "golden egg" for our island's number one industry.  Japan visitors have been the heart and soul of Guam's  tourism for over four decades. But a recent on-line article may help boost  our visitor numbers from the least likely of sources-North America.

For many years, the Guam Visitors Bureau and all of their consultants have put aside efforts to market to our American brothers and sisters in the contiguous United States.  Cost always is the reason.  But thanks to the Huffington Post, a bump in arrival numbers from America is on the horizon.

Chloe Fox's travel piece entitled "Guam Is the Most Interesting Destination in America And Here's Why" as of the writing of this blog has over 81 thousand "Likes" and 11,757 "Shares" on Facebook, 343 Tweets and 571 versions sent via Email.  A good friend of this blogger and former Guam resident/Huff Post contributor Gene Park I'm sure helped out with the piece.  

You have to read it.  

Fox gives 11 great reasons to come to our island.  If it wasn't for space concerns, she could have provided at least 9 other reasons!  My favorite part-#2 Chamorro Food and the image from friend Vic Gonsaga. Never though Chicken Kelaguen could look so good.

Now a casual search of the news about Guam across the Inter-Web shows much about the social crazy occurring here from the scourge of drugs and other crimes to wildlife restoration to military posture.  The Huff Post piece is such a breath of fresh air to show Guam in a completely different light.

Guam cannot be just crazy politics and crime.  There is much more happening here than meets the eye.  We are just like every other community in America in seeking good from the occasional bad .  

More and more good events to bring Guam forward is key. 

Did I say that the Guam National Soccer team is playing an international friendly against CONCACAF member Aruba? The world's 162nd ranked team from the Caribbean playing against FIFA's 173rd ranked Matao this afternoon Guam time.  Let us see where  positive on-line press takes us.

Safe and Flexible with Bunk Beds

A recent article by Atlanta, Georgia based on-line magazine Student Housing Business.com featured a Q&A with Savoy Contract Furniture Marketing Manager Kelly Uhland with the focus on Bunk Bed Safety in boarding schools, colleges and universities.  One of the most experienced teams in the furniture business specializing in student housing and residence hall furnishings are based at Savoy's Home Office in Montoursville, Pennsylvania.  

Foremost in these professionals' thoughts? Student safety. 

Property management firms, designers, and school administrators all need to take a hard look at the realities of students sleeping six feet off the floor and what can be done to protect them.

"Estimates show more than 2,000 instances each year where 18-22 year old students seek medical treatment for bunk-bed related injuries," said Uhland. "Recent litigation has cited both institutions and manufacturers liable for the injury, even when alcohol was involved."

Uhland noted that Consumer Product Safety Commission regulations provide voluntary measures to be taken by manufacturers like Savoy Contract Furniture-just one of the many companies that make institutional beds for the 7,000 higher education institutions in America serving 15 million students.

"Limited budgets create tough decisions for builders even as risk managers shake their heads. Lawsuits continue to be on the rise, and people are taking notice," said Uhland.

She offers some advice to housing managers and school and college administrators  to make sleeping on campus safer:

Look for adjustable height beds that do not exceed 30 inches. 
Bolt on guard rails.
Documentation is key. 

Uhland noted that there are many questions to ask and answers to seek when procuring residence hall furniture. 

Keep in mind that versatility, storage, style and budget may drive decisions from one vendor to the next, but safety must drive the final decision to make that purchase without compromising  design.

For more information on how GET, LLC and Savoy Furniture (GSA Dorm and Quarters Contract #GS-27F-3019D (John Savoy & Son, Inc.)) can assist with your case goods needs, call us at 671-483-0789 or check out our website at www.get-guam.com.

LED Lights to Rival Regular Lightbulb in Price by 2020

Our friends at Deco Lighting have been fantastic to work with over the past couple of months. Not only have they helped us with a number of Design Build efforts here in Guam, together we will soon light up the Santa Rita Basketball Court in Southern Guam with the installation of four Deco Light D823-LED 23" Floodlights.  No question the Deco Lighting Team has been a huge help to us and recently this blogger stumbled across an on-line article written by the Deco Lighting Team about an issue that has many in this part of the world wondering if it is really time to make the full conversion to LED.  

"It is exciting to see LED technology finally having its time to disrupt traditional inefficient incandescent lighting," said Deco Lighting. "As volume production increases, and prices come down, affordability rises. We have seen this parallel in many new industries and technologies, LED Lighting is not like the iPod replacing the Walkman but more like solar panels on the roof replacing diesel generators."

Deco Lighting maintains that as the efficacy (lumens/watt) of LED increases and costs come down it makes more and more sense to make the switch. They note that rebates from utilities and other programs help get early adopters into new technologies like solar and LED lighting, but the real growth happens when the price performance is almost at parity or better than current incumbent technologies making it a no brainer for consumers to switch throughout the next six years and beyond.

Ironically, our friends in Hawaii will get to try this out first hand as the Pacific Business News is reporting that Hawaii Energy is offering small businesses and restaurants across the archipelago an opportunity to replace their old lighting with newer energy-efficient ones for free between now and June 9.  Hawaii Energy is a ratepayer-funded energy conservation and efficiency program for Oahu, the Big Island, Maui, Molokai and Lanai. Businesses there pay about 33 cents per kilowatt hour on Oahu and slightly more on the Neighbor Islands, about three times the national average of 10 cents per kilowatt hour.  Guam businesses pay well over 26 cents per kilowatt hour-just depends on what time they are not using their peak load which puts it on par with Hawaii.

With lighting accounting for nearly half of a retail business' overall electricity costs at 48 percent, account for 27 percent on an office's costs and 18 percent for restaurants what is the lifeline of an economy to do?

Deco Lighting offers a solution.

"Organizations like Nichia, CREE, and Philips are at the leading edge trying to squeeze more light out every diode for less dollars, which in turn will allow all of us to use less energy and produce less greenhouse gasses," said Deco Lighting.  "Its an exciting time, the next time you are in a parking lot or building look up and look for what kind of light you see. You will be surprised how much more LED lighting you will see as time progresses."

We think it is already happening. Expect this not to be an LED sprint, but more of an LED marathon.

To learn more about the lighting products that GET, LLC provides, including the LED lines of our partners, Independence LED Lighting and Deco Lighting Inc., please check out our website at www.get-guam.com or call us to discuss solutions for your important lighting needs-All Made in America!!!

Maintain Safe Distance from Power Lines When Using and Aerial Work Platforms

GET, LLC currently has for rent a Genie TZ-50.  We have been proud to be able to put this specialty lift into the Guam and Micronesia marketplace and spend much time with our customers going over the safety features of this  trailer-mounted lift when delivered to a respective job site.  We can never forget that safety is key in using all aerial work platforms (AWP)-including the TZ-50.  More importantly we should pay close attention when using an aerial lift outdoors, especially around overhead power lines.

This important issue was highlighted recently by the International Powered Access Federation (IPAF) who called  on aerial work platform operators and managers to always be aware of and keep safe distances when working near power lines. The IPAF used the CONEXPO in Las Vegas, Nevada earlier this month to highlight this important safety message.

The IPAF says that a fully extended boom should always be at least 50 feet from electrical pylons, and 30 feet from cables on wooden poles. These recommended safe distances meet or exceed those specified in American National Standards Institute (ANSI) standards and Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) requirements.

IPAF reiterated that electrocutions are one of the largest causes of AWP-related fatalities in the United States.

“Operators or supervisors are often not in a position to know the voltage in the power source,” said IPAF North America Manager Tony Groat. “it is possible to work closer to power lines than the IPAF-recommended safe distances, but this should only be undertaken after seeking expert advice from the power supplier and implementing extra safety precautions.”

The IPAF's Accident Reporting Project and Powered Access Rental Market Reports found that  in 2013, all seven reported cases of electrocution worldwide occurred in the U.S., where the AWP rental fleet is estimated at 510,000, which is 54 percent of the world rental fleet.  

 “AWPs are probably the safest way of doing temporary work at height, so the onus is on managers and operators to stay safe when working near to power lines/conductors," said IPAF Technical Officer Chris Wraith. "Electrocutions can be prevented through proper planning, risk assessment and management of work at height, including thorough operator training and familiarization."

Bottom line:  Be safe when using an aerial work platform.

If you have any aerial lift needs and would like to discuss potential solutions, including the rental of our TZ-50 or the purchase of equipment or parts for any of Terex or Genie's AWP Products, please drop GET, LLC a line via our website at www.get-guam.com or give us a call at 671-797-0789-your authorized Terex/Genie Representative for Guam and Micronesia.

Guam-A Different Perspective

The argument rages between the Executive and Legislative Branches of the Government of Guam relative to transparency.  During the week set aside to celebrate Guam's Open Government Law, this discussion has hit a fever pitch.  I am not sure how it will end, but I can say with authority that the talk should never have happened.  

Now that sounds a bit strange from a blogger accused of not being transparent during the majority of his time in public service.  I will say that there was a local politician who put these types of talks into perspective for me early in my career in government.  

This long time Guam Senator and Senior Staffer to a former Governor once told me that a Special Assistant to the Governor of Guam has as much influence as a sitting Senator in the Guam Legislature.  While the latter is elected by the people, the Governor of Guam appoints Assistants to be able to carry out his or her duties as mandated by the Organic Act of Guam.  Thus there is a strong notion that both carry similar weight in the execution of duties of their respective branches of government. I won't argue that point since I have been witness or have been directed to take numerous hard line stances in defense of the public policy direction of the office I represented.  

The tone has been adversarial-as is expected.  But more troublesome, to me, the tone from the Executive Branch has been downright rude.  Yes, in all fairness, lawmakers should be allowed to describe their view of how government should be run since they hold the power of the purse.  But an accusatory themed outburst on social media recently by a Guam Senator is far from an appropriate venue to discuss important matters.  Why not call an oversight hearing?  Why not subpoena members of the Administration to bring forward evidence of the wrongdoing or lack of professional commitment to the duties as discharged by law?  In this case, two wrongs clearly are not making a right here.

So the discussion on transparency has led to the adoption of a Legislative Freedom of Information Council.  Compliance with the Freedom of Information Act is its charge.  12 members of our community will make up this group including the Attorney General, members of the three branches of government, the media and members of the general public.  In 30 days this group will meet for the first time and will begin the work to police the government of Guam agencies who have failed to comply with this important law enacted about 15 years ago.  A free and open government to serve the people of Guam is the direction with this Council.  The Council's actions will certainly stir up much controversy in an election cycle that at present has no Democrat to run against the incumbent Republican Governor and two political party organizations seeking their identity against a backdrop of policies that do not accurately reflect the platforms of their national counterparts.

I ask each of you to watch this process closely and caution you to not place high expectations for substantive outcomes during this election year.  While it might be entertaining at first blush, there are many more issues that face our island that require our immediate attention-jobs, economic diversity and energy independence.  That is better talk for this community with a required action to make our island a better place to live.

Do You Practice Cost-Avoidance with Your Inventory of Furniture?

GET, LLC received a great piece of advice from our partners at Savoy Contract Furniture that we wanted to share with you-practice cost avoidance by minimizing furniture repairs and replacements. From experience, Savoy Furniture has found that their respective customers experience a significant reduction in these costs with their durable, high quality residence hall and lounge furniture.  From campuses to corporate offices, this practice of cost-avoidance through the implementation of revenue producing ideas attracts and retaining students and or repeat customer business. They ask that we all differentiate our office or housing facility with all new designs, and unique personalization options. Savoy Furniture takes it one step further by recommending that we provide our end users with the versatility to reinvent their respective spaces with stacking chests, loftable beds, and mobile furniture.

Why is this important?

Spending on quality furniture can pay off in years to come. according to The Wall Street Journal. In fact, the publication asserted in 2012  that buying top-grade pieces can be a good investment: good furniture, along with other home design elements, can last a lifetime and increase in value.

Also, purchase a high-quality product which is easier to maintain than lower-quality furniture. 

You’ll find high-quality furniture, at a variety of price levels, from a well established company with a good reputation. 

“Learn the history of the company from which you want to buy,” said Assistant Director of North Carolina State University’s Furniture Manufacturing and Management Center (FMMC) Steve Walker.

Furniture manufacturer Shelby Williams released a report recently that stated that there are four things to take into account when investing in high-quality furniture:

  1. Choose the Right Product for the Application-different applications require different products, so the way you operate your business should determine the furniture selection.
  2. Ensure Furniture Is Tested to Standards-The Business and Institutional Furniture Manufacturers Association (BIFMA) has a series of widely recognized tests for seating. 
  3. Request a Furniture Sample
  4. Consider Your Brand’s Environmental & Social Reputation-Environmentally responsible solutions such as Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)-certified wood, bio-based foam and formadahyde-free finishes are very typical today. These are all great features; however, buying good quality furniture that performs well for many years might be the ‘greenest’ action of all, as it means less furniture goes to the landfill.

For more on how GET, LLC through our friends at Savoy Contract Furniture and teaming partner American Hotel Register can assist you with your specific furniture needs- please check out our website at www.get-guam.com or give us a call at 671-483-0789 to discuss the best solution for your facility.  All the solutions are Made in America!

LED Spec Assistance-Use of External Drivers

In an attempt to provide assistance to specification writers that are tasked with identifying the most cost-effective energy efficient lighting for their commercial, industrial and federal government properties GET, LLC through our friends at Independence LED Lighting offer up advice to help those writers and readers of this blog to identify key specification areas of focus in the use of LED lighting technology. 

Our focus: external drivers.
External drivers, a key selling point of LED lighting, have multiple efficiency, smart control, operation, and life safety advantages over Internal Drivers.  It is suggested that by separating the heat created by the drivers from the LEDs on the linear “Tube” modules, the combined system runs more efficiency, maintains its color more consistently, and lasts longer. Heat is simply the enemy of the LED. 

Also external drivers provide increased flexibility over internal drivers, when it comes to maximizing future connectivity for dimming, occupancy sensors, light harvesting, alert signals, and WIFI control. Many end users are focused, in the short term, on the energy savings with LEDs but the modular advantage of an external system is the ability to improve the technology as it evolves by connecting into other smart controls.

Since the external driver is a separate module, it can be easily replaced in the same way that a fluorescent ballast is replaced upon failure without throwing out the whole tube. This is the simple model of “don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater”, since the LEDs and the tube component are more valuable than the driver component. Modularity creates operating as well as energy efficiency. Think of the driver as the starter on a car or the power supply on a computer. It is best to specify Non-Proprietary Drivers for maximum flexibility over time to purchase if necessary additional drivers.  For failure diagnostics, if a tube goes dark completely then the failure is most likely in the driver versus any of the diodes on the tube, but personnel can always easily cross check by simply connecting a failed tube to a nearby fixture. Given that the drivers are the weakest link in the LED system, request a nominal extra inventory of drivers (e.g. 1 per 100 Tube sets) to have at hand in the event of failure. This is not unlike stocking extra ballasts in a project.

Finally, fluorescent tube fixtures to date have been typically designed to bring alternating current (AC) line voltage typically at 120V to 240V into the fixture and then step it down to safer lower voltage via the fluorescent ballast to Direct Current (DC). The danger of using internal driver LED tubes is that the step down to the lower voltage occurs inside the tube. So the installer of internal drivers bypass the ballast and run the higher voltage directly into the socket “tombstones” of the fixture. This means that the dangerous line voltage is right at hand in the fixture. If personnel touch the sockets, they WILL RECEIVE A SHOCK, and they are at risk of falling back off a ladder at the 120V level breaking an arm, hitting their heads, or worse.  There is an increased likelihood of  fatality for fixtures that are powered with higher 240V with the internal drivers. By contrast, external driver LED technology mirrors the model of the original fixture design by replacing the fluorescent ballast with the external driver and stepping down the voltage as it is fed into the tubes for increased safety.  LED tube solutions should include options for external drivers that are non-proprietary  to a sole source, so that the drivers can be replaced if necessary either during or after warranty periods. 

Need an LED solution for your facility? Check out our website at www.get-guam.com or give GET, LLC a call at 671-797-0789.  We are a provider of Independence LED Lighting and Deco Lighting Inc. products-Made in America!!!

Midsize Business Solutions with Help from GET, LLC

Cisco® Solutions for Midsize Businesses deliver a range of unified communications capabilities that can provide reliable business connectivity, increase workforce productivity and create competitive differentiation. Basic capabilities include affordable priced voice and instant messaging.  Enhanced capabilities add industry leading collaboration applications, video and a complete mobility solution.  With Cisco, you can choose how you want to deploy collaboration:  managed and owned on premises with the Cisco Business Edition 6000, from the cloud with Hosted Collaboration Solutions, or a mix of both (hybrid/fusion).   

Join the 95% of the Fortune 500 that are committed to Cisco’s collaboration platform.

Talk to us today and discover how GET, LLC provide the midsize business solutions you need for your business to thrive.  We are a proud Cisco Registered Partner providing the latest Cisco products and services direct to businesses and organizations. For more on the benefits that our Partnership can bring to you and your respective business contact us at 671-483-0789 or at www.get-guam.com.

NAWIC Week a Huge Success in Guam

As the National Association of Women in Construction celebrated Women in Construction Week recently, the Guam Chapter 381 used the time to get the word out about the organization highlighted by a Mixer held at the end of the week celebrating the contributions of women in construction and the mission of enhancing the role of women in construction.   GET, LLC was in attendance as were many in the local construction industry.  The networking opportunity was worth the time and effort-and we all got to see a great first for the Guam Chapter-the awarding of its first NAWIC Scholarship. Congratulations to NAWIC Chapter 381 President Bing Mejia and the organization for this important milestone in its young history.

The NAWIC Builds program the day before was just as exciting a "first", drawing 30 participants in partnership with the Home Depot, in "Making a framed mirror".  And another first the NAWIC Education Foundation award -winning Block-Kids program wrapped up the week in Tamuning.  The national building program competition introduces children to the construction industry in an effort to create an awareness of and to promote an interest in future careers. This competition involves the construction of various structures with interlocking Lego blocks, small rock, string, foil and a poster board. The winner of this competition will move on to Regional Competition.

Every week, should be celebrated as Women In Construction Week.  As a community, we must recognize that there are talented women breaking barriers in this field.  While the numbers may be small, we estimate that it can only grow by leaps and bounds in the years to come.  Whether the company is a materials supplier, a service corporation linked to the construction industry, our marketplace will thrive further if more women get involved.   

For more information on NAWIC and the efforts of the Guam Chapter feel free to contact us at 671-797-0789.  GET, LLC is a proud member of NAWIC and stand in support of enhancing the success of women in the construction industry.  

Platform for Voice and Video

By upgrading to the latest version Cisco Unified CM, you will improve collaboration with easy access to rich video, voice, conferencing, and IM and presence technology that empowers people to engage and innovate -- anywhere, on any device. Cisco has upgrade options and resources to ease the transition and best fit your business needs, including cloud deployment options. 

Take advantage of this unmatched experience through best-of-breed applications and devices that Cisco Unified Communications solutions have to offer. You’ll be able to create video conferences and get closer to customers fast.  

Learn how to scale your experts while lowering total ownership costs. 

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Guam-A Different Perspective

The events unfolding in the Ukraine are being closely watched on this side of the world.  With the world's second fastest growing outbound tourist market expected to eclipse record 2013 numbers, it appears that the Russia will fall short of expectations in Guam and the Northern Marianas.  


Though the European Union has been balking at sanctions since the seizure of the Crimean Peninsula in recent days, the U.S. is frantically working to get other countries behind their efforts to denounce the activities by Russia.  Don't expect the EU, China and Belarus to flinch so quickly. Germany is working a diplomatic solution.  Great Britain is unlikely to jump in too quickly as the Russian wealth park millions in their country.

President Obama is drudging through any real deal.  US troops in Europe are on alert-DOD sent F-15 fighter jets and one KC-135 re-fueling aircraft to Poland. The US has threatened economic sanctions.
This does not bode well for our isolated American economy reliant on a diverse visitor base to support our number one industry.

The Guam Visitors Bureau has reported that the number of Russian visitors since January 2012 has increased significantly when the U.S. Department of Homeland Security granted visa parole authority allowing Russian tourists to visit Guam. In 2013,  about 8,000 visitors from Russia traveled to Guam and spent an average of $1,500 per person, per trip while on the island. Eighteen percent of Russian travelers interviewed last fiscal year were repeat visitors, and stayed for an average of 13.62 days.

Local leaders were reticent about the activities half a world away.  No word if they engaged the White House for further details and how sanctions will have a huge impact on our island economy.  No word if local leaders engaged members of Congress to seek a diplomatic solution that would avoid taking away any forward progress away from a growing marketplace threatened to go away just it was getting started.

My advice.  Speak up about the impacts of such activities being described in Russia as ethnic Russians being treated badly in the Ukraine.  Diplomatic pressure is only as good as the leadership.  Many have been critical of the U.S. stance here-thanks in large part to the less than stellar foreign policy direction of our President.  This has got to change and fast.

We can expect that if Russians are not coming to Guam or their top markets in Egypt and Thailand,  then it is likely that they will stay at home.  The Sochi Olympics was a hit domestically.  Moscow and St. Petersburg tourism traffic by Russians was low but industry officials there expect to turnaround domestic visitor numbers for the balance of the year.   

Look on the bright side and remember these names: AVIACHARTERS and Asiana Airlines.  The Marianas will see an impact from the Crimea event. It is a matter of how adversely and for how long. Stronger U.S. foreign policy will make for a prosperous economic outcome for small markets like Guam and a substantive position to grow America's economy beyond the doldrums.

Does Dim Lighting Help People Make Better Decisions?

The London, England-based The Independent is reporting that exposure to dim lighting can have a positive impact on people's emotions-making people more rational and able to negotiate better.

Time to make a decision to use dim lights?

A University of Toronto Scarborough and Northwestern University study published in the Journal of Consumer Psychology examined the link between lighting and human emotion.  Participants in the study were asked to rate under different lighting settings the spiciness of chicken-wing sauce, how aggressive a fictional character was being, how attractive someone was and the taste of two juices.

Assistant Professor of Management at University of Toronto Scarborough Alison Jing Xu noted that  all of their reactions were intensified in bright light, a phenomena which Xu attributes to the body perceiving light as heat, which can trigger emotions.

"Bright light intensifies the initial emotional reaction we have to different kinds of stimulus including products and people," Xu said.

The researchers found that that bright light intensifies feelings so dramatically that people prone to depression “actually become more depressed” on sunny days.

The majority of everyday decisions are also made under bright light.

So turning down the light may help you make more rational decisions or even settle negotiations more easily.

"Marketers may also adjust the lightening levels in the retail environment, according to the nature of the products on sale," said Xu. "If you are selling emotional expressive products such as flowers or engagement rings it would make sense to make the store as bright as possible."

Need a light-or even dimmers? Check out our website at www.get-guam.com or give GET, LLC a call at 671-797-0789.  We are a provider of Independence LED Lighting and Deco Lighting Inc. products-the latter featuring a line of Copper Circuitry thermal-managed LED lights that burns brighter and much cooler, resulting in significantly longer life than their competitors’ LEDs-All Made in America!!!

NAWIC Guam Chapter 381 Observes Women in Construction Week March 2-8, 2014

The National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC) Guam Chapter 381 will celebrate Women in Construction (WIC) Week March 2-8, 2014. NAWIC's mission is to enhance the success of women in the construction industry.

 "The Guam Chapter of the National Association of Women in Construction is committed to enhancing the success of all women in construction," says NAWIC Guam Chapter 381 President Bing Mejia 

The focus of WIC Week is to highlight women as a visible component of the construction industry. It is also a time for local chapters to give back to their communities. WIC Week provides an occasion for NAWIC's thousands of members across the country to raise awareness of the opportunities available for women in the construction industry and to emphasize the growing role of women in the industry.

"While there are more than one million women employed in the construction industry, women only comprise approximately ten percent of the construction workforce.  These women, whether they are administrative specialists, general contractors, subcontractors, trades people, or professionals, are vital elements to the construction process," said immediate NAWIC Past-President Cindy Johnsen. "'Women in Construction Week' is simply a time set aside to thank those women for all their efforts toward successful construction projects.  WIC Week will also bring attention to the industry and encourage others to realize that construction is a viable, profitable career field."

For more information on NAWIC and the efforts of the Guam Chapter feel free to contact us at 671-797-0789.  GET, LLC is a proud member of NAWIC and stand in support of enhancing the success of women in the construction industry.