A Year Concludes and A New Year Holds Promise-Reflection by GET, LLC

As we close the book on 2013, we would be remiss if we did not take a moment to reflect on the past year.  GET, LLC was so very privileged to be able to share with you more about our business and insight into the happenings here in the Western Pacific.  We hope you gained further understanding more about the casegood furniture business, structured cabling and energy efficiency lighting industry and aerial lifts.  Additionally, you read a different perspective into Paradise Guam-our home. We wrote about the important issues of the day-a direct reflection of the discussions of our friends and neighbors.  These blog posts were what people were talking about around water coolers, dinner tables and back kitchens all across Micronesia. All the writing in this blog reminded me of some important things-all of us should not take things for granted and knowledge is surely power.  GET, LLC is excited for what 2014 will bring.  We will continue sharing more information and exciting insight into the world around us.  Thanks for reading and may you and yours have a prosperous new year.


On behalf of GET, LLC, we would like to take this time to wish you and yours a Merry Christmas! During this important time, be mindful of the blessings that you have been given and share with others the special gifts of your unique collective lives and skills. We have been honored to share with you our knowledge and interest in unique topics in this blog during this past year and look forward to more into the new year.

Structured Cabling Market to Eclipse $8 Billion by 2015-Does 2014 Stand to Be a Banner Year?

Funny thing the Internet.  

When GET, LLC started our business, a particular report escaped our research from Global Information, Inc.(GII).  The Japan-based information service has worked for the last quarter century with over 300 research companies across five countries to distribute quality technical and market research.  

GII wrote a great paper, though a bit dated (January 2013), that talks about what can be expected to be one of biggest growth markets in the world-the global structured cabling market.  No one can question, the market's 6.8% compound annual growth rate. GII noted that the structured cabling market will exceed $8 billion by 2015.  The U.S. leads this industry today with China and the Asia-Pacific region growing fast.  

We stand at the cross roads of that growth right here in the Western Pacific at the junction of the telecommunications superhighway linking North America to Asia and Australia. 

What is driving the growth?

GII says that the success of Gigabit Ethernet correlates to its strong presence with structured cabling. 1000BASE-T, 10G over twisted-pair copper (10GBASE-T) holds the promise of being less costly than its optical competitor, 10GBASE-SR.

Also, GII says as power consumption efficiency is resolved through advances in transceiver-chip lithography, advances in driving down power consumption are breaking through.  It is noted that fiber has taken a foothold in the network at 10G. Fiber-optic products are poised to steadily take market share from copper products in the structured cabling market over the next five years. While the copper structured cabling market is expected to shrink, there is still potential to recognize revenues, particularly in CAT6 UTP for Gigabit Ethernet and CAT7 for 10G.

GII notes that driven by a boom in broadband Internet users and the proliferation of bandwidth-hungry applications such as HD video, Internet bandwidth maintained by major Internet carriers has been expanding at 75% to 125% per year. 

Will we see this in 2014?  

In turn, public and private networks are experiencing unprecedented end-user demand for bandwidth resulting in a need to cost-effectively scale the capacity of communications networks. We are starting to see that already. We'll keep you posted.

For all of your structured cabling needs in the Western Pacific, please contact GET, LLC for information on our solutions that can be of assistance to you and your respective businesses including access to the Panduit and Cisco line of products-of which we are proud Business Partners of both.  Give us a call at 671-483-0789 or find out our more at our website at www.get-guam.com.

Global LED lighting market= $42 billion by 2019

One of South Asia's top media companies is reporting that worldwide LED lighting markets are poised to achieve significant growth over the next six years as buildings and communities lead the way in implementing more cost efficient lighting systems. 

CyberMedia's India-based ciol,com, through their Dallas, Texas Bureau sites a report entitled, "LED Lighting: Market Shares, Strategies, and Forecasts, Worldwide, 2013 to 2019" lays out that next generation lighting achieves a complete replacement of incandescent filament bulbs with LED lighting that is more energy efficient, lasts longer and has a significantly lower cost of operation. 

The report, that hit the browsers of nearly 1.5 million people, is advocating for the use of LED lamps, which they say will lower the overall cost of lighting. The CyberMedia report says that LED lighting costs are less than costs with incandescent  lights.

GET, LLC read with interest that LED lamps offer up to 50,000 hours of illumination with a fraction of the energy used by traditional incandescent bulbs.

What does that mean?

It means that LED bulbs generate 90% less heat than incandescent bulbs and its uses will extend time between bulb replacements. Hard to argue with an report that says the energy efficient bulbs can be used to achieve a near zero-maintenance lighting system.

To learn more about the LED lighting products that GET, LLC provides, including Independence LED Lighting and Deco Lighting Inc., please check out our website at www.get-guam.com or call us to discuss solutions for your important lighting needs-All Made in America!!!

"Bring Your Own Device", Management and Security-Insight from the CTO of The Westcon Group

Chief Technology Officer of The Weston Group William Hurley regularly provides words of perspective from the world's leading distributor of networking, communications, security, virtualization, storage, and unified computing platforms.  GET, LLC and other Cisco Business Partners utilize Westcon's services to become more successful through their distribution portfolio and  range of services.  We are happy to have him and his powerful insight into doing business.  Earlier this month, Hurley wrote about mobile device security and was enlightening on this topic:

"This week’s Economist has a short article on mobile device security. Rightfully so, they recognize the security threat is data loss as opposed to malware. As discussed in previous posts, the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) challenge is about management of devices.  Data loss prevention is most effective when it is aware the device exists and is accessing, sitting or transmitting certain information when it should not be.

We have been asked  recently about the potential growth in the BYOD space.  It won’t come from malware.  It will come from a proliferation of devices, from the common smart phone to the latest wearable, that is retaining and transmitting information the enterprise simply does not want transmitted. And please remember, data is not just spreadsheet attachments in an email,  more importantly it is video, taken innocently or not in the office, that poses data loss problems.
That is the threat of BYOD."

We will continued to follow this trend facing personal devices-powerful for productivity, but vulnerable to security risks.

GET, LLC is a proud Cisco Registered Partner providing the latest Cisco products and services direct to businesses and organizations. For more on the benefits that our Partnership can bring to you and your respective business contact us at 671-483-0789 or at www.get-guam.com.

Deco Lighting Appoints GET, LLC as Guam and Micronesia Sales Rep

GET, LLC has been appointed by Deco Lighting as its company's Sales Representative for Guam and Micronesia. 

"This relationship will mean great things to our lighting customers in the Western Pacific," said GET, LLC Managing Partner Tricia Gumataotao. "As Deco Lighting is represented by expert independent lighting sales agencies throughout North America, and by select distributors for international markets, we are excited to be a partner with them to grow our respective businesses in this region further."

The Commerce, California company has been doing business since 1957.  Deco Lighting has a well established history of producing many innovative lighting products which have shaped today's lighting industry, and operates factories located in Mexico, Europe and Asia. Their experience in energy efficient lighting technologies stems from many years of industry renowned research and development, working closely with designers, utilities and associations to develop new lighting products. 

Deco Lighting has done a number of signature projects across the United States including the induction street lighting retrofit of the U.S. Naval Base Guam in 2009.  That particular project lead Deco Lighting to make significant improvements to their street lighting technology-specifically their DBMi Black Mamba Induction Street Light product-that recently was selected by the City of Industry California for a similar energy efficiency project that is saving the municipal government 50% in energy savings.

"The mission of Deco Lighting is to be the leading provider of innovative, high quality lighting fixtures and systems to commercial, municipal and utility markets." said Gumataotao.  "GET, LLC stands with Deco Lighting to deliver consistently superior value to our respective customers and their end users."

GET, LLC is a Women-Owned and Minority-Owned Small Business serving both federal and local government agencies and commercial businesses of Guam and the Western Pacific in business-to-business consulting services and construction supplies and equipment sales.

Terex Appoints GET, LLC as Distributor in Guam and Micronesia

GET, LLC has been appointed by the Terex Corporation as its authorized distributor for Terex and Genie aerial work platforms, cranes, construction and materials processing equipment and parts in Guam, the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, Republic of Palau, Republic of the Marshall Islands and the Federated States of Micronesia.

"We are excited about this relationship with two of the best names in the business," said GET, LLC Managing Partner Tricia Gumataotao.  "Pairing GET, LLC with the extensive global sales and support network of Terex and Genie will certainly give Micronesia's aerial lift and crane customers the very best in unbeatable value and customer service."

GET, LLC was presented the finalized Distributor Agreement by Terex Japan General Manager Andreas Odermatt. 

"Terex Corporation is experiencing growth," said Gumataotao.  "GET, LLC is excited to be a key part of that expansion that is growing in lock-step with the rest of the region."

GET, LLC is a Women-Owned and Minority-Owned Small Business serving both federal and local government agencies and commercial businesses of Guam and the Western Pacific in business-to-business consulting services and construction materials and equipment sales.

Empowering Women in Business Panel Discussion Hosted by Cisco

A very special event is taking place tomorrow that will feature not only technology but the advancement of women in business.  Cisco is hosting an two-day on-line panel discussion beginning Monday, December 2, 2013 (1pm Guam Time December 3rd) with five women business trailblazers who are part of a San Francisco-Bangalore Sister City Initiative trade mission to Bangalore, India.

You can catch the panel with GET,LLC live at at http://www.ustream.tv/Ciscotv.

The panel is headlined by Intel Architecture Development Group Vice President and General Manager Rani N. Borkar and Cisco Chief Technology & Strategy Officer Padmasree Warrior. San Francisco Mayor Edwin M. Lee is scheduled to give the welcoming address.

Borkar, Warrior and the other panelists will provide insight into how each broke into her respective industry, how each got where they are now and how each overcame challenges to get there. Also, the panelists will also discuss the best methods for making it to the top but will also talk about the struggles to succeed in their respective industry.

The San Francisco-Bangalore Sister City Initiative is a not-for-profit, 501(c)(3) organization established in 2008 by San Francisco's former mayor Gavin Newsom. The organization seeks to engage individuals and institutions in Bangalore and San Francisco in building sustainable 21st century cities through environmental, technological, and cultural ideas, techniques and resources. Cisco Systems, Inc. is the worldwide leader in Internet networking with its Internet Protocol-based (IP) networking solutions providing the foundation of the Internet and most corporate, education and government networks around the world.

GET, LLC is a proud Cisco Registered Partner providing the latest Cisco products and services direct to businesses and organisations. For more about our role as a Cisco Registered Partner and the benefits it brings to you and your business contact us at 671-483-0789 or at www.get-guam.com.

NAWIC Guam Chapter "Casino" Fundraiser Approaching

I had the pleasure this past week of meeting one of the founding members and all-around great lady Dr. Jaylene Kent of the National Association of Women in Construction GuamChapter 381.  The President of Isla Paint and Roofing Supply was cordial and had no problem hyping up the largest fundraising event of the advocacy group.  Her pitch to members of the Guam Contractors Association Small Business Committee was convincing.  It's hard to decided not to go after Jaylene was done pitching it to the membership-to include GET, LLC.

The 2013 Casino Royale Annual Wine Tasting and Beer Garden Fundraising Event promises to be as fun as its predecessors in the fact that there will be plenty of adult beverages and socializing with the top women executives in Guam's construction industry.  On December 4, 2013 at the Guam Marriott Resort and Spa expect plenty of activity including an On-Site Expo and a raffle for electronics and power tools.

The organization is nearing its second birthday of its chartering in Guam.  Membership continues to grow steadily.  The advocacy for further growing this segment of our construction industry continues. 

Prime example-the Guam Legislature is considering legislation that looks to create "government procurement policy in favor of women owned businesses".  Bill 198-32 was heard last week and testimony is being submitted as we speak to the Committee for consideration.  Speaker Jody Won Pat and Senator Tina Barnes should be commended for their efforts and we all believe that this is a  legislation that would provide better opportunities for government contracts for women owned businesses.

Expect Bill 198-32 to be the talk of the Casino Royale and hope that all those in support of women in construction can be there. 

For more information on NAWIC and the efforts of the Guam Chapter feel free to contact us at 671-797-0789 or reach us via our website at www.get-guam.com .  GET, LLC is a proud member of NAWIC and stand in support of enhancing the success of women in the construction industry.