GET,LLC and Deco Lighting Light Up Santa Rita Basketball Court

GET, LLC and Deco Lighting, in cooperation with the Municipality of Santa Rita Guam, has completed the lighting of the island village's community basketball court renovation project.  The installation of four Deco Lighting D823-LED 23" Area Lights was part of a full restoration of the basketball court to include a modern surface, fencing,  basketball post, rims and backboards and bleacher seats.  The project was funded through the generous financial support of the Municipal Planning Council of the Municipality of Santa Rita.

"This is the first time in 20 years that this court has been lighted," said Santa Rita Mayor Dale Alvarez. "This project was done to not only honor our elders but to give the youth of Santa Rita a safe place to play and grow in the game of basketball."

Mayor Alvarez also took time to honor GET, LLC for their contribution to this project including the use of the company's Genie TZ-50 Trailer Mounted Boom for the aerial work portion of the court's renovation.

"GET,LLC is so very proud to have worked on this important project for the village of Santa Rita," said Managing Partner Tricia Gumataotao. "It was the expertise and professionalism of Deco Lighting that has helped us bring this modern and energy efficient lighting technology to Guam's villages-a model for the rest of the island's outdoor sports and recreation facilities."

The D823-LED 23" floodlight is the right choice for applications requiring high light levels, excellent beam utilization, and smooth distribution make the D823-LED ideal for tennis courts, building perimeters, large parking lots-and outdoor basketball courts.

GET, LLC was appointed by Deco Lighting as its company's Sales Representative for Guam and Micronesia in December 2013.  Deco Lighting has done a number of signature projects across America including the induction street lighting retrofit of the U.S. Naval Base Guam in 2009.  That particular project lead Deco Lighting to make significant improvements to their street lighting technology-specifically their DBMi Black Mamba Induction Street Light product-that recently was selected by the City of Industry California for a similar energy efficiency project that is saving the municipal government 50% in energy savings.

GET, LLC is a HUB Zone Certified Women-Owned and Minority-Owned Small Business serving both federal and local government agencies and commercial businesses of Guam and the Western Pacific in business-to-business consulting services and construction supplies and equipment sales.

Benefits of LED Lighting at Fast Food Restaurants-A Case Study

Independence LED Lighting has done much over the past year to be the number one choice in the LED Tube Lighting marketplace.  With a 10 year warranty that is second to none, GET, LLC is so very proud and excited to be their partner in Guam and the Western Pacific.  Recently the Independence LED Lighting team put out a case study on a busy New Jersey Franchise Restaurant-the results of which will surprise you.

Lighting consumes a significant  amount of electricity for Quick Serve Restaurants (QSRs), especially for ones running 24/7 such as a sample Burger King location in Carteret, New Jersey. Like many similar Burger Kings across the country and Guam that are about 2,400 sq. ft., this one has 35 troffer fixtures that are 2’x4’ with four 32 watt fluorescent tubes, totaling 128 watts per fixture. At 8,760 h/year the fixtures each used 1,121 kWh/year. With an electricity rate of $.083/kWh, the lighting cost was $93  per fixture per year and $3,257 for all 35 fixtures.  

Independence LED provided a 44 watt LED Retrofit Kit solution that saves 84 watts per fixture for over 65% savings. 

Each fixture delivers 4,400 directional lumens, at bright white 5000K for the kitchen areas and 4000K warmer lights to enhance the dining areas.  Independence LED also provided Smart Control enabled external drivers, to automatically dim the lights on bright sunny days, if Burger King chooses to activate the system.  

By reducing the fixture wattage from 128 to 44, the annual savings is 735 kWh and $61 per fixture. With 35 fixtures, the annual savings is $2,137. Over the 60,000 hour 7 year life of the LEDs at 24/7, the lifetime energy savings is almost $15,000. With historical 3% average annual increases in energy cost and reduced bulb replacement and maintenance labor, the savings is over $18,000 per location. With 46 locations, the lifetime savings for this franchise owner exceeds $828,000.  This project set the QSR efficiency benchmark in 2014.

Does the energy savings and the kit costs have your attention?

To learn more about the lighting products that GET, LLC provides, including the LED lines of our partners, Independence LED Lighting and Deco Lighting Inc., please check out our website at or call us at 671-483-0789 to discuss solutions for your important lighting needs-All Made in America!!!

Made for Mobility-Cisco BYOD Solutions

Need to be more flexible?  Is your small business reliant on getting data whenever and wherever?  GET, LLC offers up support for new devices, while maintaining your network security from our friends at Cisco.

The Cisco® BYOD Smart Solution simplifies bring-your-own-device (BYOD) initiatives, providing an integrated solution, end-to-end support, validated designs, a modular approach, and a full range of services. A highly secure, reliable experience allows employees to work their way – anywhere, on any device, and supports new business models while mitigating risk. Organizations can use policy to secure devices, data, and users, protecting intellectual property. The solution helps you prioritize and optimize the reliable delivery of applications through wireless networks. 

One such solution is the the Cisco® Meraki Cloud Managed BYOD solution that simplifies bring-your-own-device (BYOD), with a rich out-of-the-box feature set controlled via a highly secure and intuitive web-based dashboard. Cisco Meraki wireless access points are plug-and-play, with zero-touch configuration; meanwhile network administrators can apply security policies by device type, protect against viruses with built-in Network Admission Control (NAC), and isolate the LAN from user-owned devices – all with just a few mouse-clicks, and without specialized training. Cisco Meraki Systems Manager, a free mobile device management (MDM) solution, provides centralized management of iOS, Android, Mac, and PC devices, including enforcing restrictions and deploying network settings, application deployment, remote troubleshooting, and inventory management.

Use Cisco BYOD Smart Solution to consolidate multiple collaboration platforms into one easy-to-use tool, further increasing productivity. 

GET, LLC is a proud Cisco Registered Partner providing the latest Cisco products and services direct to businesses and organisations. For more about our role as a Cisco Registered Partner and the benefits it brings to you and your business contact us at 671-483-0789 or at

Servant Leadership-This Blogger's Perspective

Yesterday, I had the privilege to be one of a handful of distinguished speakers to kick off the Servant-Leadership & Service-Learning (SL²) Conference hosted by the Pacific Islands University.  Founded in 1976, the 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization , PIU has provided accessible and transformational Christian college education to the young men and women of Micronesia.  The conference attempted to recognize the value and relevancy of Service-Learning in the real-world experience, demonstrate and understand the practical implementation of Service-Learning and increase and improve the application of Service-Learning methodologically.  Here is what this Blogger shared to the 75 in attendance in Barrigada, Guam:

"I want to thank the Pacific Islands University for the opportunity to speak today. For 38 years, they have been a leader in educating the young people of Guam and Micronesia and this conference could not have come at a better time .  Servant-Leaders are being called upon all across our community to share their thoughts on many important issues: minimum wage, economic development, the military re-alignment in Asia, protecting our healthcare and environment.  The public discourse by Servant-Leaders will translate into public policy and greater awareness of the things that matter most to our people and greater Micronesia. It is this awareness that was impressed on me as a young person that has led me to you all here today.

My father was a US Marine.  Back in the 1960's most young people like him at the time were trying to find their way in Guam.  For many like him, the attraction of a sharp dressed Marine led him from a for sure college career at University of California Berkeley to the battle fields of Vietnam.  A patriotic American.  Hence at a young age, he taught me and my two brothers early on that if we were ever called to duty to our island or nation that we should answer the call.  I wasn't sure what that really meant as a young boy and eventually a teenager-that was until I joined the Interact Club in high school in San Leandro, California.  Linked to Rotary International, the service club experience taught me that there was much I can do as a young person to help those less fortunate.  It taught me the values of being a leader in a community which needed more people to step forward.  The meetings started with pizza and sodas.  And yes-I went for the food.  What I later found was that discussing, organizing and actually engaging in a service project was very rewarding for me personally.  Candy grams morphed into road cleanups, which morphed into helping public television fund drives and the list grew and grew.  The experience inspired me later in life to establish the first Interact Club at Notre Dame High School when I joined the Rotary Club of Tumon Bay in 2011.  We will talk about that more in a bit. 

Stewardship.  A quality of a leader that many truly do not understand.  A true leader is focused on protecting and or being responsible for the well being of others.  In 2003, I was content as an Anchor-Reporter at KUAM-TV-the fourth broadcast station I had worked for in my 13 year career. I was able to travel the region, met people from all walks of life and laughed and cried with each and every one of them.   I knew my stories mattered.  I knew that the awareness I brought to our viewers via the hundreds of interviews was objective - allowing each to make up his or her own mind on the news of the day.  I knew that I was protecting the rights of many by giving a voice to the silent.  It is a profession that is still today a valuable and important one.  This exposure did catch the eye of many-in particular a person I least expected.  

The day was like any other.  A phone call.  A drive.  An office building in Agana was the destination.  I thought it was another news story.  It turned out to be something more.  It was on a morning in December 2002.  I was asked to join the Office of the Governor of Guam. I had this single question for Former Guam Governor Felix Camacho.  Why me?  His response was swift. You are young.  You are smart.  You are a Chamorro.  I know you will do a good job.  Then the voice of my Dad filled my mind-if you are ever called to duty to your island or nation you answer the call.  That was the start to an eight year appointment with the Camacho Administration.  Everyone who worked for Governor Camacho was guided by the simple mantra-stewardship.  Many a Cabinet Meeting.  Many a meeting in the office.  Many a talk with the people of Guam from Yigo to Umatac.  There was never more of a common goal  and challenge to protecting and being responsible of the services to the people of Guam.  From education to public safety to health.  I and the men and women who served-including some of those in this room-were guided by this mantra. 

Stewardship, I learned, was not about just this one chapter in my life that took me to the halls of Congress, to the Executive Office Building of the President of the United States, the West Wing of the White House, US Embassies in Japan, Korea, Taiwan, military bases around the world and the seats of governments from Majuro to New Zealand.  It was a philosophy that needed to  be an important part of my everyday life moving forward.  Stewardship-there helping me each day.

When my appointment ended and went back to the private sector for a company and then as a business owner, I felt a void in my life after public service.  Helping others can be contagious.  Helping others does more to lead others to being good corporate citizens.  As a Rotarian, guiding the young people of the NDHS Interact, St. Johns and JFK Interact Clubs, I am proud to mentor 150 high school students a year in making them think more about the value of Service Above Self and to also remind them that it doesn't look too bad on a college application.  Their service projects have been important and served many in our island community.    My company-gives much time to help develop the capacities of small businesses on Guam.  We have worked with a number of companies to help them traverse the bureaucracy of the business license process, legal establishment of a corporation, the registration to do business with the island's number one industry-the federal government and network with  other small businesses and even large ones.  Our goal-help us and others achieve our collective economic destinies as a successful company and further grow our community here and Micronesia.  Serving others the center of all of this.   

Having had the privilege to advise island leaders from the Marshall Islands to Palau, the interaction and insight has shaped much of my thought on serving others through my public service and now my small business.  I learned this particularly powerful lesson from current Palau President Tommy Remengesau during his first term -the oceans do not separate us,  they bring us closer together. It is this message that I give you today and why the SL2 Conference is important towards bring folks like you together and fostering this important value.  I will say that businesses in Guam and the region need to have stewardship training or insight into stewardship more than ever before.   Businesses can take the idea of stewardship and bring to bear something as important as a living wage-a positive value system that encourages reciprocal lending of time and resources to better our island society.  The discussions of such will continue to bubble up from time to time.  

It is the SL2 Conference that we need to bring to others.  This room is filled with bright young minds.  Ask yourselves-why can't we share our stewardship values with others.  I call this our first step together in that.  I am not the end all in this issue.  I am not even and expert in it-as each day poses one struggle after another to challenge me and other business owners to do the right thing.  Students are not removed from this.  You teachers that are here too must take up the mantle of leadership driven by stewardship.  The more teachers and students that can embrace this simple but powerful idea, the more we can expect our communities to grow for generations to come.  I ask that we embrace what you learn here.  Take all that you can back to your homes, schools and communities.  I leave you with this great quote from John Maxwell-"People do not care how much you know until they know how much you care."".

With support of the Guam Public School System, the PIU Conference did much to advance efforts to develop our new set of leaders on Guam and in the world.  It was a great experience for this Blogger.  Something that I would love to do again to help grow our leaders of tomorrow.

Innovative Boom Lift Alarm Introduced by Genie

As an owner of the Genie TZ-50, GET, LLC has been impressed by the safety features of this particular aerial lift.  Safety should always be paramount when using this piece of equipment with work up to 50 feet from the ground.  Alarms do help give operators some level of comfort knowing when trouble arises either working at height or simply setting up on a job site.  Genie has rolled out yet another bit of innovation for boom lifts. 

Genie announced recently that it has entered into a licensing agreement with Lavendon Group plc. for its "electronic secondary guarding solution" also known as the SkySiren. This system is designed to alert ground personnel when an operator makes contact with the platform control panel. The system interrupts boom movement, sounds an alarm and causes a light to flash. 

Based on Lavendon's SkySiren technology, the Genie operator protective alarm (OPA) system can be retrofitted to any Genie articulating or telescopic boom lift manufactured after 2002. It is now available as an aftermarket option but will soon be offered as a factory-installed option.

"Our customers requested an additional option for operator overhead protection and we are responding by offering the Genie operator protective alarm," said Terex Booms Product Manager Frank Schneider.  "By offering the OPA along with the Genie operator protective structure, our customers will be able to configure the machine as appropriate to the job site conditions."

The system is designed to be as unobtrusive as possible to operators and features a pressure sensitive horizontal bar that is fitted at around waist height below the boom lift's control panel. When pressure is placed on the bar, as may be the case if an operator makes contact with an overhead obstacle, the system is activated. The system also features a reset button that can be pressed if the system is inadvertently activated.  Genie also will continue to offer the operator protective structure (OPS).

"We are incredibly pleased to reach this agreement and hope the global availability of this secondary guarding technology can aid the working at height experience of many end users worldwide," said Lavendon Group Chief Executive Officer Don Kenny.

The SkySiren system has been named the 2012 IOSH Innovation of the Year, the 2012 Construction Health and Safety Group Beaumont Safety Trophy and the 2012 IAPA Contribution to Safe Working at Height and most recently the US Leadership in Lifting Equipment and Access Platforms Platinum Award. 

If you have any aerial lift needs and would like to discuss potential solutions, please drop GET, LLC a line via our website at or give us a call at 671-797-0789-your authorized Terex/Genie Representative for Guam and Micronesia.

Guam-A Different Perspective

A recent post by this blogger took aim at the Democratic Party of Guam.  To be fair, there is a need to discuss the prospects of the Republican Party of Guam in this current election cycle.  

Many party members are preparing for a new reality in politics with a Republican Governor and Republic Majority in the Guam Legislature.  It has been some time since the Guam GOP stars were aligned like this. The 28th Guam Legislature in 2004 and the 29th Guam Legislature in 2006 were Republican majorities. 

From experience I can tell you that egos and ambition rendered the policy makers in this part of the world pretty ineffective.  

What will be different this time?

I will argue that if the Republican Party of Guam claims these big wins again, do not expect some mind blowing change in direction of the island.  I would surmise that this election will displace some of the GOP incumbents.  This would be a huge blow to the current administration as they have done much to ensure the placement of their allies back to Hessler Street.  There is no question that the quality of late announcing candidates will have many think twice about bringing back incumbents.  

This second guessing is already happening within the party infrastructure and the grass roots level.  

Many a village leader from Yigo to Umatac are wondering if such GOP control will in fact be good for Guam.  Why canvass if the Democratic Party of Guam is imploding before our eyes?  Why attempt to raise funds for the GOP Senatorial Candidates when the Guam Governor Candidate can do this whole thing on his own?  Why vote, were going to win anyway?  If there has been any time in the history of elections on Guam that is seeing so much apathy, then I am curious to what the next two to four years will bring.  

I argue that the next mid-term will be more of a challenge to secure the legacy of a sitting Governor as opposed to the creation of important public policy on the heels of the Guam Buildup and the whole Asia Pacific Realignment.  

Many republicans I have spoken to are not too thrilled about the prospects moving forward and are looking to bring new blood into the GOP conversation that can re-build an image that for the past four years is akin to conservative democratic ideals taking hold of the Territory.  

There have been some gains.  

But the opposition will be quick to credit themselves with bi-partisan collaboration and tight government controls which the administration and minority senators have lost the PR battle time and time again.  Being late to the dance is not as good as leading the dance from the opening of the party.  A wholesale switch in thought must be pushed forward.  

Conservative views and more pocketbook issues must dominate our discussions-with the Guam GOP at the lead.  If this does not happen quick, expect a repeat of history and a complete melt down of the Guam GOP image across our island once again.

DLC Approves Independence LED Parking Garage Fixtures

GET, LLC is proud to share some good news about our Pennsylvania-partners Independence LED Lighting.  The award-winning U.S. manufacturer of LED products, Independence LED Lighting announced that the DesignLights Consortium® (DLC) approved its high-efficiency LED Parking Garage Fixture for their Qualified Products List. Energy rebates in select markets will now cover up to the cost of the fixture. The DLC approval came on Earth Day 2014, a timely reminder that in addition to saving over 65% of energy costs, the fixture is also one of the most cost effective means to reduce CO2 emissions.

With some utilities offering $250 per DLC Listed parking fixture, the rebates exceed Independence LED’s MSRP. Even without rebates, when replacing 175w metal halide fixtures running 24/7, the Independence LED fixture saves over $137 per year per fixture at the U.S. average of $.12 /kWh, yielding ROI over 50% with paybacks under two years.

“Our LEDs have been a great solution to replace metal halide fixtures, but rebates now open a new opportunity to provide FREE products in certain markets,” said Charlie Szoradi, CEO of Independence LED. “Plus, our solution widens the market to garages that have already switched to fluorescent tubes.”

GET, LLC joins others in congratulating Independence LED on this news including members of the U.S. Green Parking Council.  Independence LED was awarded the 2013 Urban Green Award for “Best Lighting Retrofit,” by the U.S. Green Building Council.

There many other reasons to choose Independence LED Lighting on your next lighting project.  Their tube products and fixtures are all Made in America, the strongest warranty in the marketplace at 10 Years/60,000 hours on LED's and external drivers and a proven track record – doing installations all across the country including with Fortune 100 to mixed-use properties.

For more information on bringing an LED lighting solution to your facility, please contact us at GET, LLC at 671-483-0789 or see our website at for details of the technologies that can be of significant value to all building owners-All Made in America!!!

Mobile Harbor Crane Product Launched by Terex

GET, LLC is amazed each day by the capability of our partner Terex Inc.  The technology that they are coming up with to support the lift needs of the world's construction and services industry was kicked up a notch recently with the introduction of the Quaymate M50.

Adapting the design and technology from the Gottwald Model 2 harbor crane, the 50 tonne diesel-electric Quaymate M50 has a 36 meter (118 Feet) maximum radius with 50 meter a minute hoisting speeds. Designed as an entry model for small maritime and river ports the new crane will be manufactured at Terex Port Solution’s plant in Xiamen, China using components both from Asia and Europe.

“When we launched the mobile harbour crane around 60 years ago, we were responding to changing requirements in many terminals," said Vice President of Terex Port Solutions Mathias Dobner, "Throughout the world new terminals are appearing and existing terminals are continuing to develop. This means that many operators are looking for their first harbor cranes or harbor cranes to replace non-port equipment, while others would like to add to their existing fleet.”
Terex says the M50 provides operators of smaller ports with an economical as well as user and environmentally friendly machine designed for light to medium-duty applications. Additional features include a cable reel and electric hook rotator for operation with automatic spreaders for container handling and motor grabs for bulk and scrap handling. 

“In many regions of the world, we are dealing with economies that are at the start of a growth period. These markets demand functional solutions with cost-effective and rugged machines which firstly work reliably and secondly allow the terminal in question to grow." said Dobner.  

We are convinced, along with Terex, that the Quaymate M50 crane can help many operators to modernize their cargo handling including those here in Micronesia and the North Pacific.  It is perfectly clear that together we can build small entry-level products as well as large, heavy-duty cranes for developed ports in this region and beyond.

If you have any aerial lift needs and would like to discuss potential solutions, please drop GET, LLC a line via our website at or give us a call at 671-797-0789-your authorized Terex/Genie Representative for Guam and Micronesia.

Guam-A Different Perspective

With five months until the Primary Election on Guam, there is no candidate for Governor of Guam from the Democratic Party of Guam.  Is this unusual? No-it isn't.

There are examples in the past  where the party was well into early summer declaring their intention to take Adelup. Perhaps this has happened more than once. So what is the rush?

Outsiders see this lack of action by the Democrats as the true state of the party. Insiders worry that they have lost touch with the Democrat base and will spell huge losses in November.  I see this whole matter as more political theater that will be the talk on the island for months and years to come.

The Sunshine Camp, led by former Governor Carl Gutierrez, began the first effort to be the Island's chief executive in 1972.  His 3,000 plus followers remain a power political machine and understand all the intricacies of running a grass roots campaign.  10 election cycles and millions of dollars in fundraising over the course of 40 years is an accomplishment.  But the Sunshine Camp can't always be the answer to the Democratic Party of Guam's leadership-whom have struggled to find a leader and move their political party forward into the modern day party that has since elected the Country's first Black President of the United States.

There have been many who have been rumored to be the heir apparent and be the third Democratic leader of our island government.  But rumor is just that.  Many of the once young vibrant leaders of the Democratic Party are now well past middle age and their energy to lead is not as limitless as in their younger days.  The new and youthful versions of the Democratic Party elite are nowhere near their elder statesmen counterparts.    Social media interaction and half-though spin on the current state of their party is now the norm.  When close to 80 percent of the island at one time identified themselves as Democrat, why can't they seem to get their act together and bring forward quality candidates to take on the mantle of political leadership in Guam?

I think that there may be a bright spot here.  Losses build character.  The great Indian leader Mahatma Gandhi once said that, "You don't know who is important to you until you actually lose them."  The Democratic Party of Guam is staring down a long barrel of challenging races that could cost them not only a loss for Governor, but the legislative majority in the Guam Legislature and in municipal seats from Yigo to Umatac now and into the next three or four election cycles. We tell kids all the time that losing helps you win.  Go to any soccer field, baseball diamond or martial arts center and that is being preached to young people every day.  Word is that Democrat village meetings and Central Executive Committee meetings are far less productive than in the past. Losing is not in their vocabulary.  But stubborn is-at least the acts to keep doing things as a group and not changing with the times.

Despite the perception, the other side isn't as rosy. That for another day...

Mattress Market to See Spike Soon

It appears that Memorial Day cannot come soon enough for bed companies.  Furniture Today is reporting that the bedding market is off and running ahead of the May 26, 2014 weekend.  The Greensboro, North Carolina based on-line and multi-media publication noted the industry should benefit from what retailers are calling "pent-up" demand for mattresses stemming from winter sales losses and warmer weather translating into significant traffic in mattress stores across the USA.

Klaussner’s Enso Sleep Systems says they are entertaining major customers and that their new gel bedding line, which features a Total Surface Coverage (TSC) design, is resonating with retailers.  Enso Sleep Systems is offering a Labor Day power buy that features a 10-inch, gel-infused memory foam mattress.  Classic Brands is banking on their Revo reticulated foam line and its new Sleep Trends line of compressed mattresses aimed at E-Commerce retailers to yield great sales numbers this Spring.  Interest in Simmons’ new ComforPedic iQ line of self-adjusting memory foam mattresses remains high.  These examples and the roll-outs of the many independent mattress retailers from across the country will certainly spell good things in the industry this quarter.  

This time last year, the bedding industry saw $19.2 billion in third-quarter 2013 sales growing just 1.9 percent from the previous year.  Will sales be flat this quarter? 

Specialty mattresses are expected to continue increasing in popularity and market share by most accounts. According to International Sleep Products Association reports, the specialty mattress industry has grown from 22% of revenues in 2009 to 33% of revenues in 2012 and increased units by 18% from 2011 to 2012. UK-based Research and Markets forecasts US growth of 12% for memory foam mattresses alone from 2012-2016. The increases in specialty mattresses are attributed to several factors by the reporting agencies including greater durability, higher owner satisfaction in consumer surveys and online reviews, increase of sleep disorders and awareness, as well as lower prices in the last couple years which have made the products more accessible to consumers and contributed to specialty mattress trends.

For more on how GET, LLC through our friends at Savoy Contract Furniture and teaming partner American Hotel Register can assist you with your specific furniture needs- please check out our website at or give us a call at 671-483-0789 to discuss the best solution for your facility.  All the solutions are Made in America!

Benefits of LED Lighting

This point has not been missed by readers of this blog.  GET, LLC, with some help from our friends at Independence LED Lighting and Deco Lighting, has said time and time again that LED lighting  is the next big thing when it comes to keeping your home and office illuminated.


Our friends, specifically at Deco Lighting, offer that LED lights create warm, beautiful tones and last far longer than traditional lighting solutions. Additionally, the technology provides one of the most energy-efficient lighting options for homes and businesses.

If you’re new to the world of LED lighting, here’s a quick primer of some of the biggest advantages they offer.

LED bulbs have an incredible lifespan when compared to the traditional light bulb. LEDs have expected operating times of up to 50,000 hours. In other words, leaving your LED lights on for eight hours a day, seven days a week, would give you roughly 10 years of use before you’d need to seek a replacement. Additionally, flipping LED lights on and off has no effect on the lifespan of the bulb.

One of the most powerful benefits of LED lights is the fact that they can be used to light almost any shape and provide immense flexibility of design. Deco Lighting says that because individual lights can be joined together but still controlled on their own, LED lighting provides you with the ability to fine-tune lighting to perfectly match any given space.

LED lighting is far more efficient than their incandescent and fluorescent counterparts, lighting specific areas more effectively and relying on less energy to do so. Additionally, they waste a much smaller amount of energy in the form of heat, are not vulnerable to breakage (LEDs contain no glass), and draw very little power – making them perfect for both indoor and outdoor lighting applications.

Overall, LED lights provide you with a flexible, efficient, and long-lasting lighting application. LED lighting is better than traditional lighting solutions in almost every possible way, not to mention the fact that the light they give off is cleaner and causes less heat. If you need a new lighting solution, LED lighting is going to be the best way to go long-term.

To learn more about the lighting products that GET, LLC provides, including the LED lines of our partners, Independence LED Lighting and Deco Lighting Inc., please check out our website at or call us at 671-483-0789 to discuss solutions for your important lighting needs-All Made in America!!!

Why Keystones?

It sure has come a long way from the first patent in 1979 as a "wiring module for telephone jack". Amp Incorporated led the way until 16 years later the patent that we know today as that telephone connector with contact protect block that revolutionized telecommunications and continues to inspire thought on the transferring of data in and around facilities all over the world.

Keystone wall plates are built to connect keystone jacks for various cables into a single or double gang outlet box, which would be installed directly into a building's drywall. Surface mount wall boxes allow you to mount keystone jacks on the surface of the wall. 

Keystone ports are the small square holes in the wall plates and surface mount boxes that are made so that keystone jacks can snap right in. 

Keystone jacks are female connectors that snap into the wall plate or surface mount box, allowing cables to be connected in various configurations. There can be up to twelve keystone ports in a wall plate. Keystone wall plates will work with all kinds of different keystone jacks, including HDMI, VGA, DVI, RCA, IR, speaker cables and F-connectors, just to name a few.

Need a keystone or keystones for your next project?  Please give GET, LLC a call at 671-797-0789 or see our website at for more details on how we can be of assistance.