GET,LLC Managing Partner Tricia J.S. Gumataotao today announced the establishment of Genie Industries  Services for Guam and Micronesia.

"This effort has been months in the making and we are so very excited to provide this important service to Genie Aerial Lift owners in the Western Pacific," said Gumataotao.

With the full support of Terex and Genie, GET,LLC now offers factory warranty repairs service and support,  on-site scheduled routine maintenance, comprehensive annual inspections, lift options & enhancements, major inspections (10 Year Test), specialty applications, equipment refurbishing and customized paint services.

"GET,LLC stands ready to support the Genie service needs to those contractors and equipment owners who need factory trained service and parts assistance for their respective booms, scissor, aerial work platforms, vertical mast, telehandlers,  or material lifts," said Gumataotao. 

In December 2013, GET, LLC was appointed by the Terex Corporation as its authorized distributor for Terex and Genie aerial work platforms, cranes, construction and materials processing equipment and parts in Guam, the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, Republic of Palau, Republic of the Marshall Islands and the Federated States of Micronesia.

"You can count on us to provide Genie assistance when you need it most-our professional service and support team can respond 24 hours a day, 7 days a week".

To arrange for a factory trained technician to attend to your Genie Industries equipment service needs in Guam and Micronesia, please call 671-727-1789.

Platform for Voice and Video-A Cisco Case-Study

By upgrading to the latest version Cisco Unified CM, you will improve collaboration with easy access to rich video, voice, conferencing, and IM and presence technology that empowers people to engage and innovate -- anywhere, on any device. Cisco has upgrade options and resources to ease the transition and best fit your business needs, including cloud deployment options.

A great example of a recent upgrade by Cisco is Vistaprint. The Lexington, Massachusetts-based retail electronic service company grew by leaps and bounds between 2009 and 2012 thanks in large part to their aggressive media campaigns seen all over the world.  The growing enterprise wanted to make sure that its employees could readily collaborate with colleagues in any global office, for customer projects and business planning.

“Decisions can take a long time when you rely on email and phone conversations because you can’ see whether someone who usually speaks another language understands you, and you can’t share designs,” said Vistaprint VoIP Manager Jimmy Yan.

Vistaprint built a strong foundation for collaboration and customer care by adopting Cisco® Unified Communications and collaboration applications.

“Cisco supports our business goals because it’s at the forefront of communications and collaboration, and support is outstanding,” says Yan.

Utilizing four Cisco Unified Communications Manager clusters around the world, the solution connects the Vistaprint team via 3000 Cisco Unified IP Phones to approximately 100 workers in the company’s printing plants who use Cisco Unified Wireless IP Phones so that coworkers can reach them anywhere in the plant to report equipment issues that could affect job deadlines.

Additionally, to reduce data center costs, Vistaprint virtualized its Cisco applications and other business applications, and hosts them on a Cisco Unified Computing System™ (UCS®) C-Series Rack Servers. 

“Every Cisco UCS server we deploy replaces four of our old servers, saving data center space, power, and cooling costs,” Yan says. 

The company also uses Cisco Nexus® switches, Cisco Unified Wireless Network, and Cisco Wide Area Application Services (WAAS) for WAN acceleration.

Take advantage of this unmatched experience through best-of-breed applications and devices that Cisco Unified Communications solutions have to offer. You’ll be able to create video conferences and get closer to customers fast.  Learn how to scale your experts while lowering total ownership costs.

GET, LLC is a proud Cisco Registered Partner providing the latest Cisco products and services direct to businesses and organizations. For more about our role as a Cisco Registered Partner and the benefits it brings to you and your business contact us at 671-483-0789 or check us out on the web at


Standing Seam Roofs-A Great Fit for Micronesia

A recently published Metal Construction News article highlighted the Metal Roof industry-outlining the top technologies in the marketplace today.  In recent years, GET,LLC has been witness to the utilization of one particular metal roofing system on Guam that can withstand the harsh tropical climate of the Western Pacific and provide a long lasting roofing solution. The end result has been an increase in value to current metal buildings from Yigo to US Naval Base Guam.

Whether you have plans to develop a commercial project or you are closely watching the Guam Housing Corporation's residential home building project in Dededo, there are many types of metal roofing options for a facility on Guam and Micronesia with only one shining above the rest-the standing seam metal roof panel.

The standing seam metal panels are interlocking single-skin panels with concealed fasteners and raised seams.  The panels in these systems are typically installed at continuous lengths from eave to ridge and can vary in widths and styles.  Installed vertically, these systems come in structural or architectural varieties. 

The benefits of a such a system begins with its durability.  A lack of interlocks allows for an expansion of the system that is much better across the entire roof which means a longer life usage.  

Most roofing systems are now sold to meet various UL classifications and ASTM standards for strength, wind uplift and energy efficiency codes for Guam and the region.  Made of aluminum, these systems are recyclable at end of life. With some posting 20 year warranties, the standing seam roof is an affordable solution to any roofing job in Micronesia.  The warranties also take weather tightness into consideration-a must with the amount of rainfall and storm activity we see on a yearly basis.

From a maintenance point of view, standing seam roofs are "low-to-no" maintenance if installed properly.  Cleaning these roofs are as simple as mild soap and clean water.  These systems are also energy efficient and can aid in LEED Certification-especially those in "cool roof" colors.  Integration with solar photovoltaics are simple. Need a quick roof solution? "Float" a standing seam roof system over existing roofing materials for an affordable fix that will last for years. Give a standing seam roofing solution a chance on your next metal building project.

To find out more about how GET, LLC, through our metal building partners at Ceco Building Systems, can help your next steel building or aluminum roofing project, give us a call at 671-483-0789 or our website at for more information.