Independence LED Lighting CEO Speaks at MIT Enterprise Forum

Last week, Independence LED Lighting Charlie Szoradi spoke before the MIT Enterprise Forum's GO GLOBAL Networking Event in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  The MIT Enterprise Forum is the preeminent organization of entrepreneurs in the global innovation economy. For 35 years, they have produced programs and events about innovation, technology and entrepreneurship for over 50,000 leaders around the world.  The MIT Enterprise Forum of Philadelphia sought out Charlie to complement what they call the "5-Star Playbook: A Hands on Guide for Companies Entering the International Marketplace".

The focus of Charlie's talk and the Forum was simple.

The group shared that exporting products Made in the USA is no longer only for large companies. The event pointed out that small and mid-sized enterprises are finding opportunity to increase sales and profit beyond the borders of the contiguous United States-case in point: Guam and the Western Pacific. Charlie and the MIT Enterprise Forum stressed that entrepreneurs can take full advantage of the business potential following their "5-Star Playbook", a guide for success in the global marketplace. The Forum shared their insights, tips, and resources that included information on over $120 Billion in support from the Federal Government to expand businesses internationally.

Charlie and the group coached those in attendance on strategies to access federal and state financial aid and support, identify and develop overseas business relationships and locate global buyers for US products.

Under his leadership, Charlie and Independence LED Lighting have certainly practiced what they preach-GET,LLC is just one of the many companies mentored by our friends in Boyertown.

Less than a year ago, we entered into a relationship committed to complementing our efforts to bring a diverse array of resources to building owners across the Western Pacific, built a network of suppliers to provide energy efficiency products with Independence LED Lighting as the key solution to reduce their energy costs and committed ourselves to being a proud American small business focused on the delivery of lighting products to the marketplace with the "Made in the USA" label.  

To learn more about the LED lighting products and other related electrical products that GET, LLC provides, please check out our website at or call us to discuss solutions for your important lighting needs.

A Few Steps Forward from an Ambit Energy National Consultant

Ambit Energy National Consultant Carlos Marin told GET, LLC and other consultants this past weekend that whatever it is that you're looking to achieve in life, take everything in stride, one step at a time.

"It's easy to overwhelm ourselves with all of the stuff we "have" to do and where we "need" to be and become stifled which hinders us from making any progress," said Marin. "Rather, when you choose instead to treat each moment as an opportunity to make a small, positive, investment in the present moment, the rewards come naturally.  Take a step now, then another, and keep on advancing. 

You and ONLY you are responsible for getting what you want in life. You choose: either action and results, or inaction and excuses.  You can’t have both.

Know that the pain of discipline and persistence is far less than the pain of regret. No one has ever given their needs their best shot and regretted it. Let's take our business to the next level, together - one step at a time!"

Thanks Carlos. To find out more about how to turn on the inspired cash flow whenever someone uses electricity and gas at  

Let's take steps together to not only save money by eliminating a utility bill but to also have the ability to earn true residual income on a service everyone uses and HAS to have!

"Have All You Need?" Asks Ambit Energy

National Consultant for Ambit Energy Carlos Marin shared with GET, LLC and other consultants that if you're feeling "stuck" in your life because you feel you've lost direction - try shifting your focus from your own circumstances to those around you. Marin said that you can get almost anything you need in life if you simply help enough people around you get what they need.

"When you help others you end up benefiting as much if not MORE than those you've helped. Instead of asking, 'Why don’t I have what I need?' ask, 'How can I help you get what you need?'It's true that what goes around, comes around eventually... and because so many people are out to only help themselves, when you genuinely seek to help others succeed in getting what they need, they will notice your presence.  These people will in turn fight to help you succeed in getting everything you need.  What you need becomes what they want most. If you approach your business with this in mind you'll unlock unlimited possibilities, simply by helping others. (And you'll feel incredibly rewarded through the process)."

Do you have all you need?  

Let us know how GET, LLC can help.  To find out more about how to turn on the inspired cash flow whenever someone uses electricity and gas at

Mobile Apps and the Steel Building Industry

Over the past week, I have spent a majority of my time on the roof of a steel building in the final stages of a standing seam roof retrofit on a federal defense installation.  The experience has been a great one for me as I am but an "infant" in the metal construction industry.  I have been intrigued by the many requests and discussions on the proper fasteners for this particular roof design, what are the safety measures in place once the roof is completely installed and would a "clip" be able to hold in place critical infrastructure during a natural disaster-particularly a typhoon or tropical storm.  The short lectures and insight had me asking if there was a way to use technology to get to the heart of these issues and answer some of the arguments on the job site.  While the debates should be minimal because of contractually mandated submissions and approvals by competent professionals, there still can be discussions to drive future decision making processes. 

Timing is everything in this business.  

It just so happens I came across an interesting initiative of the American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) that may have answered my questions related to the "steel biz".  The AISC has launched its first mobile app called Build-A-Bolt.  The app reportedly helps steel construction industry professionals select the right structural bolt, washer, nut combination and can be used in the field to determine bolt grade and manufacturer. Apparently the app is also useful for detailers and specifiers in providing dimensions and fastener compatibility. Best of it all-the app is free.  You can find it on the AISC website and is a must for your field Smartphone, iPads or computers. We can expect more steel apps to be rolled out in the near future, thanks in large part to the AISC and a new Steel Apps contest at giving the opportunity to win cash prizes, totaling $9,000. I expect this type of technology will help me grow and become "mature" in this metal business in no time.

GET, LLC is so very proud to be partnered with MCR Guam Inc., a small business poised to grow in the years to come.  MCR Guam Inc. is bringing new products and services to bear on contractors and steel building owners across the Pacific Rim.  They have strategic alliances with the World's Leading Provider of Metal Roof and Panel Systems Fabral, America's top metal building company Ceco Building Systems of Columbus, Mississippi and access to a vast network of metal building professionals across the globe. 

To find out more about how GET, LLC and MCR Guam Inc. can help your next project, give us a call at 671-483-0780 or our website for more information.

Fall Protection Equipment-Technology that Could Save Your Life

Aerial lifts are a necessary part of a contractor's proverbial "tool kit".  An aerial lift can make or break a project.  What can impact it further, is ensuring that contractors and their workers are safe when using lifts in and around job sites.

I heard a recent story of a contracting team which was asked by a installation supervisor if anyone had any experience working a lift.  The group of 10 workers all exclaimed to the super that they knew how to operate the piece of machinery.  One steps forward and jumps into the bucket.  No PPE.  No fall protection.  Fires up the machine with no regard to his co-workers nearby.  Without hesitation, the installation supervisor took action and rightly turned off the machine and counseled the laborer and immediately advised the respective workers boss of the lack of knowledge of basic aerial lift safety. 

This is a story heard on job sites all over the world.  It is very important that as a community, the construction trades should take just an extra moment to review their operations plans, workers certifications and at the minimum-check their people's basic knowledge of the lift by simply asking if they looked at the manual that came delivered with the lift.  Such basic inquires and requirements on the job protects that employee and the health and welfare of the others around them.

Back to fall protection.  

There are literally dozens of great solutions to ensure safety on an aerial lift and ways to keep workers or lineman out of harms way.

Did you know that the U.S. Department of Labor Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) issued more than 8,500 citations in the last three years associated with improper use, or lack of use of fall protection equipment? 

To bring that number down, there is a product on the streets that would do much to improve operator safety and OSHA compliance and is a great innovation in fall protection. 

The Hi-Line Utility Supply’s Vert-Alert is the world's only aerial lift lanyard safety attachment warning system.  It does a couple of thing good.  First, if the safety harness is not attached to the provided anchorage, a high decibel verbal message states, "Warning, attach safety harness lanyard!" whenever the "UP" control is activated.  When the "DOWN" control is activated, a high decibel verbal message alerts, "Warning, lift descending!"  The system is also a "smart device". It analyzes safety performance which the system records when the alarm activates, as well as the date and time of connect and disconnects of the lanyard, and the number of up and down motions.  The Vert-Alert is easily installed on new and existing equipment.

 It is a pretty cool device that when coupled with the safety features of that your respective lift can protect the operator when doing work on your job site. 

GET,LLC is very conscious of lift safety and encourages you to do the same.  Our Genie TZ-50 is available for rent and ready to hit your job site. This "sustainable" unit is battery powered and is ideal for your interior and exterior aerial lift needs.  And yes-we can provide fall protection gear too.Give us a call at 671-797-0789 or check out our website at for more detailed information on the lift (the spec sheet is in our gallery!!!) and the services we provide.

Form and Line-What is it?

A great piece of advice from Furniture World Magazine regarding Form and Line.  I must start by stating that they are the oldest trade publication in this industry in the United States. 20,000 furniture retailers look to them for the most up to date information on their business.  The New Rochelle, New York-based company has been doing this since 1870 and their information is timeless.

Case in point. When creating a retail space or a space for your respective customer, they say to use form and line to your advantage,

"...Form fills space and defines it. A trained eye learns to notice not only the form, but also to appreciate the void which adjoins and is defined by it. This relationship is much like the interplay between shadow and light. Forms have bulk and shape.

Rectangular forms can give a room a sense of sturdiness and certainty, but overuse can be repetitive and monotonous. Most rooms, furniture and wall decor are basically rectangles; having straight sides and right angled corners.

Angular forms are less common than rectilinear. They, therefore, attract and keep attention.

Diagonals can be used to imply motion and also increase the apparent size of an object.

Curved forms impart feelings of security, continuous change and continuity. Circles, arcs and cones have a focal point to which attention is drawn, lending emphasis to a design scheme. Sectionals, upholstered back, arm and cushion treatments, lamp shades, dining and occasional tables, vases, plates, fabric and rug designs often employ curved forms and motifs. They can be used as the basis or theme of a room design or to offset and balance angular and rectilinear forms.

Line can be used to alter the mood and proportion of a living space. Form and line are closely related. A rectangle can be tall and high or long and low, approximating vertical or horizontal lines. A low, long rectangular sofa may generate a feeling of stability and certainty resulting from its form - and also of informality and length due to its lines.

Horizontal Lines can be used to make spaces seem more relaxed and informal, and accentuate the horizontal aspect or length of walls or furnishings.

Vertical Lines, like the geometry of a Gothic cathedral, can add dignity and formality to a room. They also make objects seem taller in relation to their width.

Curved Lines evoke the same kinds of responses as curved forms. Depending on their spatial orientation, they can also incorporate properties of horizontal or vertical lines.

Diagonal Lines can create a feeling of imbalance and dynamic movement. Like curved lines, their impact changes with their horizontal or vertical aspect."

Thanks Furniture World for the advice-the 20,000 readers they have world wide probably don't say it enough.

GET, LLC is a partner with Pennsylvania-based Savoy Furniture. We thank them for what they do provide the form and line of their products that give their customers the quality and stability that continues to make them a top choice for their respective case good needs.

For more on how Savoy Furniture and GET, LLC can assist you with your furniture needs, please check out our website and drop us a line or give us a call.

Guam-A Different Perspective

Guam Public Auditor Doris Brooks remarked this week that, " With the implementation of the GASB 54, GovGuam now includes the main operating fund plus many other funds created by legislation, DOE, and the two other branches of government...because of the continuing impact of GASB 54, DOE, the other branches of government, and other funds also contributed to the surplus. GovGuam is cautioned to be diligent in its spending as it may have a deficit in FY 2013." 

These words come several days after the Calvo Administration rolled out what many are touting as the Administration's signature policy triumph of this-his first term in office. 

“First, I thank my fiscal team. They executed our fiscal policies with courage and precision. They knew exactly what to do, and they navigated our government from near-collapse, said Guam Governor Eddie Baza Calvo.  "Government of Guam employees deserve praise for what they’ve been through the past two decades. Every time there was a fiscal crisis they were asked to sacrifice. Either their pay was cut, or their increments were frozen. To this day they are waiting for their pay to be adjusted to market standards so they can be paid for what they are earning. For two decades they remained patient as government leaders told them they couldn’t help them much because of the deficit. Well, now the deficit is gone. It’s time to reward our employees.”

But is the deficit really gone? What does surplus really mean?  Doris Brooks was very firm in her assessment of the way forward for GovGuam.  We all should be very concerned with the way this report is being characterized and fact check if possible.  This blogger sought out a number of different sources for this post in the administration, the other branches of GovGuam, discussions with business leaders and input from government finance professionals both here and abroad.  I would contribute the following, but know this is but a small portion analyzing this issue of GovGuam finances and know it will cause you to take other portions of this matter to discuss at the water cooler or the kitchen table.

This blogger learned that GovGuam collections beyond their estimates in Fiscal Year (FY) 2012 are not due to more aggressive efforts as the Administration is claiming on their website and in the local media.  It can be directly attributed to the economic stimulus brought on by over $300 million floating in the economy which were not previously factored into the FY 2012 forecast-media outlets reporting record tourism numbers is just one area that contributed to this. 

We all expected the deficit to be conceivably eliminated or even result in a surplus fund balance after the two bond deals proffered by GovGuam and not because of any stellar performance on the part of the Administration.  Furthermore, this massive conversion to long-term debt has at a price tag of nearly a half a billion dollars in interest payments over time for our people. Did I mention that the bonds leverage Guam's business privilege taxes? As a small business of this great U.S. Territory, this is very disconcerting to me.

The frequent pronouncements of expenditure reductions since taking office is also getting pretty old-many of my former colleagues in the local media have given many a pass to Adelup in that time. Their first year in office, the FY 2011 Audit showed that, despite record collections over 14 years in which $56 million more was collected than the previous fiscal year, FY 2011 still ended with a $47 million deficit!  How does this depict a good year? No PR here?   

 A new Cash Flow Model?  Nope.  New Revenue Model?  The same over the past 10 years.

They say that without increments and Hay suspension,  the government would've gone bankrupt.  Really?  The government experiences better days than others with cash flow. There's a constant stream of cash flowing through its coffers daily and spending is constantly prioritized to keep the government operating. 

I would say the government of Guam did have the funds to support both increments and the Hay Study.  The Administration simply decided it was not going to be a priority.  If we now a have surplus as spun by the Office of the Governor of Guam, it proves both should NOT have been suspended to begin with. 

The surplus of $30 million could have covered the Hay implementation over two fiscal years and the $5.2 million in merit bonuses paid recently they said came from this surplus could've covered the increments over the same 2 years.

Don't be fooled by the revelations that one year of a positive balance sheet  would equal a lifetime of prosperity and wealth!  Not when we've added millions more in annual debt service to get to this so-called "surplus".

How To Qualify a "Lighting Designer"-A Primer from the IALD

I had the privilege recently of meeting Marketing and Communications Coordinator Jessica Burke of the International Association of Lighting Designers (IALD).  During the 2013 American Institute of Architects (AIA) Expo, I spent three days staring at her booth, which was adjacent to the one I was manning throughout the AIA National Convention.  I was drawn to the words near their banner that read, "Another Person's Dark Space is Our Blank Canvas".  When I was finally able to meet her, I found Jessica to be very helpful and passionate about advancing the work of Lighting Designers in America and around the world.  With a handful of projects here that have left me wondering just how to approach these individual dilemmas with a viable solution, Jessica's input has us looking in the region for assistance for this most important part of the construction design process.  Affecting the space of new construction projects and retrofits of existing structures, lighting is an integral part of both the architectural and interior design-which is often overlooked in our part of the world because of cost and lack of experience with this important discipline.

A deep dive into the IALD yielded these tidbits of information:

"...Anyone with a business card can call himself a lighting designer. Electrical systems designers, electrical contractors, electrical distributors, sales reps and lighting retailers all use the title.

There are ways, however, to identify the full-time, independent professional lighting consultant. If the design of a project is important, the persons in control of lighting design and specification should be participating in one or more lighting programs and associations such as IALD Professional and Associate Members...the National Council on Qualifications for the Lighting Professions (NCQLP)..CLC or Certified Lighting Consultants.

...Architects, facility managers, designers, electrical engineers, builders and owners are among the many who are embracing professional lighting designers to augment their projects. They are finding that the value of an independent lighting design professional is an integral element of outstanding client service."

Though we are five time zones away from the home base of the IALD, GET, LLC is encouraged that their members are the consummate professionals who regularly attend and give educational seminars locally, nationally and internationally. Many also teach or lecture at local universities including some of their newest members with links to the Pacific Rim.  The IALD uses these tools to keep their designs fresh and stay current with product technologies, lighting designers are obliged to expand their knowledge base in the multitude of lighting-related disciplines and techniques all around the world.

These are just a number of the reasons, we are advocating for the incorporation of smart lighting design into projects here in the Western Pacific.  We will be looking to the IALD for assistance on our projects moving forward to offer our customers a quality lighting design that saves money, the environment and energy.  This savings will come to building owners and end users through sustainable design and code compliance by balancing efficiency and innovation.  Thanks IALD for giving us the inspiration to provide the knowledge, creativity and commitment that our customers have come to rely on and expect from us.  

For more on lighting solutions for your respective facility, check out our website or give us a call at 671-483-0789 to discuss how we can turn your "vision into reality".

Ambit Energy Asks "Are you Upset?"

It was an interesting question posed GET, LLC and other consultants this past weekend-Are we upset? I would ask the same of you reading this blog.  The question is posed simply because we care. Ambit Energy National Consultant Carlos Marin reflects on this,

"We only ask because you shouldn't be upset by the results you didn't get with the work you DIDN'T do! Think of how productive you could be if you redirected your focus onto being thankful, having gratitude, and taking action -  rather than complaining about all the things that are "wrong".

The most successful people are those who focus on their desired outcome - not on the current circumstances. Rome wasn't built in a day - and neither is your business. It's in forming good habits and putting forth your effort which produces the outcome you desire.

Stop whining and complaining and do something about it! Take personal responsibility and raise your standards as to what you'll accept in your life.

NOW is the time to maximize your efforts!"

Thanks Carlos.  Again to find out more about this issue and how to turn on the inspired cash flow whenever someone uses electricity and gas at Let's talk further at 671-483-0789 about how we can help you with this exciting opportunity.

Guam-A Different Perspective

Happy 4th of July from Where America's Independence Day Begins!

GET, LLC wishes you and yours a very safe holiday.  Remember-don't drink and drive!

Duty Rates on Chinese Plywood Delayed by DOC

On-line industry magazine Furniture Today is reporting that the  U.S. Department of Commerce will postpone issuing final duty rates on Chinese-made hardwood and decorative plywood until September.

The federal agency made the decision following requests of producers which DOC has reports account for a significant proportion of the hardwood industry primarily in the cabinetry and shelving sectors and in recreational vehicles including boats and hardwood furniture.

 Xuzhou Jiangyang Wood Inds. Co., Xuzhou Jiangheng Wood Products Co. and Linyi San Fortune Wood Co. made the request.

A 2012 International Trade Commission investigation found  that U.S. producers were being materially injured by unfair pricing tactics of Chinese hardwood and decorative plywood producers which led to the imposition of the duties.

DOC announced preliminary duties earlier this year and those duties will be finalized in early September. The duties are imposed on manufacturers, but paid by importers of record of the hardwood and decorative plywood.

If Commerce makes an affirmative final determination, and the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) makes an affirmative final determination that imports of hardwood and decorative plywood from China materially injure, or threaten material injury to, the domestic industry, Commerce will issue an  antidumping duty order.

In 2012, imports of hardwood and decorative plywood from China were at an estimated 747.9 million U.S. dollars, according to the Commerce Department.

For more on how GET,LLC through our friends at Savoy Contract Furniture and teaming partner American Hotel Register can assist you with your furniture needs, please check out our website and or drop us a line or give us a call. Don't forget to Buy American!

Do Dreams Come True? An Ambit Energy Perspective

Ambit Energy National Consultant Carlos Marin sent this message to GET, LLC and other consultants across the business this weekend:

Many people consider themselves big dreamers - but usually they just stop there. Achieving your dreams IS absolutely possible, but the secret behind doing so is to take matters into your own hands.

That's right, stop waiting, hoping, praying that someone or something will CHANGE your life. It's time to step up to the plate and take some personal responsibility for the results you desire to see in your life.

When we recognize how truly powerful we are, it's easier to do the things required to reach those new levels of success. We hear a lot about people who started from the bottom and made it to the top. Clearly their success wasn't handed off to them. Their desire to succeed was strong - and they knew it was up to THEM to make it happen.

We challenge you to take ownership of your business, and take ownership of your life! You (Yes, YOU) can Be, Do, & Have anything you want, but you have to go out and GET IT!"

When we started GET, LLC, this is exactly what we set out to do.  Yes. We are living that dream.  You can do it too-especially through Ambit Energy. To find out more about turning on the inspired cash flow whenever someone uses electricity and gas please click  Call 671-483-0789 and let's talk further about this exciting opportunity together.