NAWIC Guam Hosts 2017 Block Kids Event

It was not a typical Saturday on Guam. While many were just stirring their way to start yet another weekend in Paradise, a handful of our Island's young people made their way to the Guam Community College (GCC) to participate the in the third annual Block Kids Lego Competition hosted by the National Association of Women In Construction (NAWIC) Guam Chapter #381.

It was event that showcased originality.

It stirred creativity.

The event brought out imagination.

This Blogger was taken aback by the interest showed by the many kids and teachers in attendance. These school children, representing the villages of Yigo south to Merizo and all areas in-between, were eager to show off their skills with a Lego and their imaginative thinking using the iconic plastic construction toy. 

I talked to a number of parents at the event and all were very proud of the prep work each of their respective youngsters put into the NAWIC event.  No question that there were many in the 2017 edition that had participated in the two previous events. Additionally, many of the volunteers were excited to be a part of this signature event too.  I was impressed by the organization and energy-it was not hard to smile at the enthusiasm. 

NAWIC Guam works hard during the year to share the Block Kids Program with many island schools that culminates in the annual event at GCC. The work of the NAWIC Guam sisters paid off. Prizes were awarded for the top designs across the different grade levels-including a Lego version of the United States Capitol Building.  

Attitude and insight were rewarded today. I understand that the judges were impressed with the range of final products which they said gets better each and every year.  

At a time when we are wondering if our kids are losing their interest in such activities with the amount of mass media and technology getting the best of many their age, this event reminds us that the creation of the structures today are creations of Guam's future engineer or construction professional. 

One final note, a good portion of the participants in the Block Kids event were girls-including the youngest of my four daughters. 

GET, LLC is proud to be a member of NAWIC and the Guam Chapter-one of 150 chapters with a network of 4,500 members nationwide.  We hold NAWIC's core values close to our business- Believe.  Persevere.  Dare. Check out our website at or drop us a line to help us do our part to grow this important industry.

The Internet of Things-Keeping Your Data Safe

Recently our friends at American Family Life Insurance Company of Columbus (AFLAC) rolled out a new service to support the fraud and identity protection needs of its voluntary insurance customers. 

Over the last year, AFLAC had been working with its customers with a cost-effective service to help protect business owners and their respective employees personal and financial information complete with internet monitoring and identity restoration services to keep at bay a growing threat in the US consumer marketplace.  

In 2014, Americans lost $16 billion due to fraud and identity theft victims spent hours trying to recover from this emerging white collar crime. 

This is an important issue to this Blogger and it should be front and center to your current business processes if it isn't already.  

As the Internet of Things or IoT continues to evolve, the focus of much of this emerging technological crime, we thought we could share some advice to protect you and your devices from compromise.  Keep in mind, this has been a growing issue since 1985 and many would have never thought that such crime would be proliferated while the technologies or "smart devices" have brought the world closer to our fingertips.  

First, consider setting up a separate network for your IoT devices in your home or office. By keeping IoT devices and other information separate, those unscrupulous hackers will have a harder time gaining access to your personal information.  Second, never connect your IoT devices to unsecured networks. Sure it is convenient when you are on the road or when you need to quickly respond for fear of losing that business lead. Be sure to create strong passwords for your Wi-Fi networks-the easiest way for hackers to gain entry into your home or business device that will further compromise your respective Wi-Fi network.  Finally, look into any available security measures offered for your smart devices. It helps that once you get it, to constantly update your IoT software since these devices are especially susceptible to cyber attacks. 

Do not be discouraged by such news or the threats of the hacks of IoT devices worldwide.  

Just take the necessary precautions to avoid having your information compromised and keep yourself aware of other threats to your identity. 

Our hats off to AFLAC and Independent Insurance Agents like ours, Jenny D. Sarmiento, for their advocacy on this important issue.  For more information on the AFLAC suite of fraud protection services via EZ Shield, please contact Jenny at 671-488-3669 or  For all of your network security needs in the Western Pacific, please contact GET, LLC for information on our solutions that can be of assistance to you and your respective businesses including access to the Panduit and Cisco line of network security products-of which we are proud Business Partners of both.  Give us a call at 671-483-0789 or find out more at our website at



Talofofo, Guam-based Small Business Executing GVB Services Along Guam's Roadways

January 12, 2017

GET,LLC has been awarded an Independent and Professional Services Contract for the Guam Visitors Bureau (GVB) Island Road Maintenance Program.  The award is for the duration of the Government of Guam's Fiscal Year 2017 with two available option years. A Notice to Award was issued to the Talofofo-based business by GVB on November 22, 2016 and the Notice to Proceed followed on November 28, 2016. The scope of work includes grass cutting/mowing, trash collection, edging of medians and planting strips, scraping of curbs and sidewalks and post-disaster cleanup.

"We understand the Guam Visitors Bureau has made it a priority to promote Guam as a favorable visitor destination by maintaining the basic tourism plant and infrastructure," said GET, LLC Managing Partner Tricia J.S. Gumataotao. "Our experience in managing policies, processes and procedures, our expertise and familiarity required to manage and support GVB Projects, setting up and managing staff requirements and implementing procurement and buying processes make GET, LLC uniquely positioned to assist you in achieving your overall goal of industry leadership and enhancing the visitor experience."

GET, LLC has worked in cooperation with GVB and the Guam Department of Public Works to ensure this important GVB contract is executed from Yigo to Merizo and has cut nearly 100 miles of roadway along Route 1, Route 2, Route 4 and Route 34 (Two Lovers Point) since their work began on the program on December 2, 2016.

"Our team is excited to be a partner with GVB on this important program," said Gumataotao. "By helping keep our island beautiful, our work we hope gives that lasting impression to our tourists to come back to Guam and our residents proud of the responsible use of such valuable resources to support an industry that is the lifeblood of our economy ".

GET, LLC is a HUBZone Certified Women-Owned and Minority-Owned Small Business serving Federal and local government agencies and commercial businesses of Guam and the Western Pacific in the areas of business-to-business services, construction materials, supplies, and equipment.


Teaming Partner/Project Manager Dominick San Gil, left, and GET, LLC Managing Partner Tricia J.S. Gumataotao, right, pose with one of a number of recently manufactured traffic signs in support of the Guam Visitors Bureau Island Road Maintenance Program on Friday, January 13, 2017 in Harmon, Guam. (GET, LLC)

Terex Completes the Sale of Its Material Handling and Port Solutions Business

Some news from our friends at Terex.  The Terex Corporation has announced that it has completed the sale of its Material Handling and Port Solutions business to Finland-based Konecranes Plc for $595 million, €200 million in cash and 19.6 million newly issued class B shares representing a 25% interest in Konecranes.

“We believe that the Konecranes-MHPS combination represents compelling industrial logic that will deliver significant value to Konecranes customers, team members and shareholders, including Terex” said John L. Garrison, Terex President and CEO. “The sale of our MHPS business is a major milestone on our journey to become a more focused, high performance enterprise. We are committed to delivering improved profitability and return on capital across Terex as we implement our strategy of focus, simplify, and execute to win. Also, we will move forward over the coming weeks with our planned debt reduction, significantly reducing our interest expense and leverage as we enter 2017.”

The final transaction consideration is subject to post-closing adjustments for cash, debt, working capital, MHPS actual 2016 EBITDA and the closing of the sale of the Stahl CraneSystems business.

A great step for Terex-we do believe 2017 will be good for business for the entire Terex family. 

If you have any aerial lift needs and would like to discuss potential solutions, please drop GET, LLC a line via our website at or give us a call at 671-797-0789-your authorized Terex/Genie Representative for Guam and Micronesia.

Smart Lighting Is On the Way

There is no question that wireless technology has become an important part of our daily routines here in the Western Pacific. It should come at no surprise that wireless technologies like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and "RF Ids" are experiencing a rise in usage both here and beyond our shores in communities all over the world. 

Correspondingly, the rising popularity of wireless technology in lighting solutions is thus considered to be one of the major reasons driving the smart lighting market. The wireless lighting solutions are easy to control and help its customers to attain maximum energy saving.

Pune, India-based The Insight Partners issued a report last month that calls out the emergence of the smart lighting industry.  

What is it? 

Fancying themselves as the industry research provider of "actionable intelligence", The Insight Partners defines smart lighting as a technology that enables its users to govern the lighting of any space without being surrounded by unnecessary wires.They call out in their 198 page report that Smart lighting is a part of upcoming IoT technology, facilitating mobile and sensor based control on the luminosity of lights in a particular space. Additionally, they claim that the intelligent connected lighting offers its users a eco-friendly environment and effectively reduces the consumption of energy. Based on their research, they surmise that the global Smart Lighting market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 17.1% between now and 2025 and would grow into a $51 billion industry into the next decade.

The report wisely notes that the global smart lighting market is fragmented based on geographical area and the types of lighting being used across commercial and residential applications in those areas. Whether it be from Light Emitting Diode (LED) Lamps, Fluorescent Lamps, Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFL) to High Intensity Discharge Lamps,  the usage of these lamps will vary across the globe with many developing countries in the region of Middle East and Africa expected to have the highest growth.

Experts believe that the shortcoming of a wireless system will be the occasional disturbance in communications among  devices. When a wireless lighting system is installed in a place, one should always make sure that the keypads, processors and dimmers are within a specific range. For example, some old residential buildings may be constructed with metal wire integrated in the walls that might create disturbance or weaken the signals of a wireless system. Though it has certain drawbacks, it is expected to capture more than half of the lighting market in next few years. 

The prospects are peaking the interests of many tech companies and the lighting manufacturing giants who have been switching their product portfolio to wireless smart lighting solutions.

Need a lighting controls or LED lighting solution or both for your facility? Check out our website at or give GET, LLC a call at 671-483-0789.  We are a provider of Independence LED Lighting and Deco Lighting Inc. products-All Made in America!!!