British Report: LED Exposure at Night More Disruptive than Incandescent

An interesting development out of England.  The Telegraph is reporting that exposure to artificial light during the evening disrupts our natural 24-hour body clock or "circadian rhythm" and leaves us checking emails or watching television at night when we should be sleeping.  The report also says that this disturbs our bodies even more because the blue light used in television, computer and tablet screens is even more disruptive to sleep than traditional incandescent lighting.

The Telegraph cites a report in the journal Nature by Professor Charles Czeisler, of the Division of Sleep Medicine at Harvard University, said light "affects our circadian rhythms more powerfully than any drug".

The study noted as well as allowing us to see, our eyes help keep our body clock in tune by sensing the time of day and allowing our bodies to adjust themselves accordingly.

A member of the Sleep Research Society, American Academy of Sleep Medicine and American Physiological Society among others, Czeisler said that exposure to artificial light during the hours of darkness activates arousal-promoting brain cells and suppresses the release of the sleep-inducing hormone melatonin.

Our bodies evolved to reach a peak of energy not in the morning but in mid-afternoon, giving us a "second wind" that keeps us going throughout the evening, he said.

But disrupting the body clock with artificial light tells the brain it is still "daytime", meaning the second wind is pushed back by several hours.

"As a result, many people are still checking email, doing homework or watching TV at midnight, with hardly a clue that it is the middle of the solar night," Czeisler said. "Technology has effectively decoupled us from the natural 24-hour day to which our bodies evolved, driving us to go to bed later."

He added in the Nature report that energy-efficient light bulbs and LED light used in computer and television screens is making the problem worse because it is rich in blue light, to which our eyes are most sensitive.

While the move from incandescents to more energy efficient sources of light continues across the globe, Czeisler remains wary of the prevalence of LED use which are already in our laptops, televisions, and cellphones, While more studies on the subject are ongoing, he keeps gadgets and televisions out of his bedroom-just in case.

Interestingly enough, a study from the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Lighting Research Center found that looking at a backlit screen, like those on iPads and other tablets, can lead to sleeplessness. The findings of that study was published last fall in the journal-Applied Ergonomics.

And the show goes on. 

Give GET, LLC a call or drop us a line to discuss bringing an LED solution to your respective building or facility-we'll leave a solution on the lights in your respective bedrooms up to you.

Is Your Mindset Keeping You Poor-An Ambit Energy National Consultant's Perspective

The following thought and question was posed this week to GET,LLC and other consultants-It's payday, which is an exciting time for everyone, regardless of whether you're wealthy... or living paycheck to paycheck. If you fall under the "living paycheck to paycheck" category, you might want to check your mindset. Is it keeping you poor?

Ambit National Energy Consultant Carlos Marin wrote," Focusing on things we lack, having a scarcity mindset, and being afraid to take risks will keep you poor.  If you're reading this, you've already taken a step in the right direction by starting YOUR own business... but in order to be successful and earn the income you desire you must be teachable, trainable, and willing to go to work.

You also have to throw your limiting beliefs out the window and replace them with new, empowering ones. You are deserving, your family is deserving, and sometimes the biggest obstacle in our way is our own inability to take charge of our lives.

Try taking some new risks... and learn new things - especially about YOUR business."

Keep positive.  And importantly, keep Carlos's words close.  I know we are.

Be empowered: Take a look at  GET, LLC asks that you take a look for yourself, give us a call and email us ASAP on this important opportunity and change your mindset today.

An Ambit Energy National Consultant Shares Four Success Habits to Adopt

Ambit Energy National Consultant Carlos Marin has been so generous with his knowledge and his advice has been so spot on.  This week, Marin pushed GET, LLC and other consultants to think about a new normal in our businesses: success habits.

Marin said, "Highly successful people have a way of standing apart from the rest. They take risks, think BIG, and have good habits. Here are four success habits you can adopt and implement today:

1) Get organized: Keep a calendar, meet deadlines, remember birthdays, and plan ahead.

2) Be independent: Team work is great, but being an entrepreneur means being a self-starter. Do what you can, where you're at, with what you have. Take action. Be confident in your own abilities without the need for hand-holding.

3) Ask Questions: Know when to ask for help on goals, expectations, or duties. Not sure about something? Get clarity.

4) Communicate:  The highly successful person is straightforward. Not only does he ask questions, but he also shares his goals and any useful advice he has in order to create an environment in which everyone can benefit.

There are many more we could add to the list, - and so could you. Remember, if you want to be an efficient, on-time, organized, and highly successful person you must master the small things you do each day. Success is not represented by dollars alone. How we FEEL about ourselves is what makes us prosperous. Today, make it a point to implement these 4 habits and be the BEST you can be!"

Being the best we can be is the point.  With that said, find out how to turn on the cash flow whenever someone uses electricity and gas at

A Look at the U.S. Army Furniture Program-Savoy Furniture and Type A Case Good Furniture

Despite talk of Sequester and cuts all across the federal government, there is a little known program that can do much to assist the furniture used to support our war fighters and be economical at the same time.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) requested U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) support in furnishing unaccompanied personnel housing (UPH). GSA agreed that a program could be set up to meet the stringent requirements for the Army Corps and this special program.  Central to this effort was the Corps' intention to use the GSA Multiple Award Schedule Program to provide a variety of product styles and sources while ensuring the quality and performance of the furniture used in the housing. 

GET, LLC, through our friends at Savoy Furniture, can provide case good support for Type A Products as graded by the USACE.  

Type A or C1 construction (Veneer on Hardwood Veneer-Core Plywood) includes side panels that shall be minimum 19 mm (3/4") 5-ply hardwood veneer-core plywood with oak veneer, exposed edges on the front of the piece shall be provided with minimum 10 mm (3/8") thick solid oak edge banding or may be covered by solid oak front frame, back edges of side panels, if exposed, shall be finished for appearance, as the backs of some of these units may be exposed to view, top edges of  side panels, if exposed, shall be finished smooth, and sealed, for cleaning, bottom edges of side panels shall be sealed to eliminate the possibility of water wicking up the side panels when floors are mopped and as a minimum, side panels that will be visible, such as in wardrobes, drop-lid desks, one-drawer nightstands, etc., shall be finished on both faces to match other panels.

GSA has and continues to work with the Corps' Huntsville Center to establish a process for identifying products.  It was decided that the program could be set-up within the GSA schedule for household and quarters furniture, FSC 71. As stated on their website, GSA worked with Huntsville to establish the technical requirements for the furniture. Vendors are invited to submit information on their contract items to demonstrate compliance with the Corps' requirements and GSA reviews the product lines.

The product lines listed are submitted by vendors, including Savoy, for review against the requirements of the Department of the Army UPH Furniture Program. Specific product details related to the product design, materials, and construction are constantly reviewed. In addition to identifying the product lines, the listing provides the available construction types and pull types, as defined by the Army UPH Furniture specifications.  

For more information on how GET, LLC and Savoy Furniture (GSA Dorm and Quarters Contract #GS-27F-3019D (John Savoy & Son, Inc.)) can assist with your case goods needs, call us at 671-483-0789 or check out our website at

An Ambit Energy National Consultant Ask Us All to "Find Inspiration"

Ambit Energy National Consultant Carlos Marin asks an important question of GET, LLC and other consultants, where do we find inspiration in all we do?

Marin said, " It's a new season... the days are getting longer and the weather is heating up. It's time to find some new inspiration in your life... and in your business!

Read a motivational quote, listen to a song that moves you, watch a clip from a movie that inspires you to be more, do more, and have more in your life! Don't succumb to the negativity which is widespread in the news and in our culture.

Write down some positive affirmations, get focused, and set your intentions for the week. Start this week off with the full intent of helping your business partners, and those you love and care about.

YOU are entirely up to you! Make your body, make your life, make yourself. Create your own legacy by taking action NOW and living out the life you truly desire.

Life is yours for the taking. Go get it!"

There is no question that we all should take some time out and reflect on this important aspect of our respective businesses. 

Again to find out more about this issue and how to turn on the inspired cash flow whenever someone uses electricity and gas at is now Ambit Energy Country.  GET Inspired and let's talk further about this exciting opportunity.

Savoy Has New Products on GSA Advantage

GET, LLC is so very proud to be a partner with John Savoy & Son, Inc who has been one of the country's leading manufacturers of high quality casegoods, lounge furniture, tables, chairs, and beds for over 65 years.

From rough lumber to finished product, all of Savoy's furniture is made in their 350,000 sq/ft facility located in Central Pennsylvania. And has the Savoy Factory been busy-the team has most recently completed installations at Fort Dix, U.S. Naval Base Ventura, U.S. NAS Meridian, Schofield Barracks and Glenmont Job Corps.

Also, Savoy has added a number of new items to their Household & Quarters Furniture schedule and GSA Advantage (GS-27F-3019D) including the 18 x 20 IN Ladderback Stool-WoodSeat and Back, the Casegood mainstay-The Madison Collection, the DAWN Ergonomic Midback Chair and the modular seating classic-The Monaco Collection (see photo).

Remember, Savoy is a WOMEN OWNED SMALL BUSINESS which means every purchase of a Savoy product assists in achieving your respective agency's set-aside goals.
Helping Savoy here means helping GET, LLC.  

Please contact us today for detailed product specification information at 671-797-0789 or our website at for more product details.

Light Pollution Decreases on the Horizon with new LED Street Light Technology

On a project that I contributed to about a year ago, I marveled how a technology could profoundly change our way of life here in the Western Pacific.  Prior to that project's completion and while visiting another part of the Marianas Archipelago, I saw firsthand how the use of Light Emitting Diode (LED) streetlights had already been in full swing and just how great a quality of light these devices put out on a highway.  

The road was lit.  Nothing more.

The direction of the lenses from the modern street light technology illuminated much more of the roads than their high pressure sodium (HPS) predecessors.  The HPS streetlight, while a great workhorse for its time, was effectively put aside for a technology that saves nearly 50 percent in energy costs and is as effective of lighting up a road on any given night.  

But the biggest observation I made to project engineers early on was "WOW! The road is lit and not the nearby jungle, home or Micronesian landmark.!"  

Even more important was that the night sky was not cut by the new LED streetlight and the surrounding island landscape has since yielded a different look at night.  

Taking it one step further, a recent BBC report talks of a newer LED technology that could reduce light pollution even further.  As a star gazer, this is welcome news.  The report cites an Optical Society of America study that explores the use of a cluster of LED's and a micro lens sheet for a better LED street light experience.  The study noted that the use of a total internal reflection lens sheet uniformly distributes light only onto the street as opposed to all directions from the common HPS streetlight.  It is this fact that contributes to glare, non-uniform lighting patterns, upward reflected light, waste of energy and light pollution.  The study notes that LED light can be shaped and projected onto the street by different optical methods and the use of this micro lens sheet performs better and importantly lights up the road and nothing else.  

While in the design stage, it is still good news for consumers and the driving public alike.  Many have proffered that the LED Streetlight is of poor quality.  Many were speaking about the light as they and their "driving eyes" have grown so akin to the HPS glow that nothing can match it.  This is spurring a culture change across the region, though it is slow to catch on here.  Who wouldn't want to see more of the night sky in our region, if the lights were not making it harder to enjoy it?  Did I mention the energy savings?  This new technology will utilize 10 and 50 percent less power to illuminate our roadways.  And YES-light pollution would be reduced as would the disruption caused on our native wildlife and people's sleep.  There is no question that time and more study is required on using such technology in our part of the world.  Our neighbors across the Pacific are taking the plunge so much quicker than "the big city in Micronesia".  Though I am certain we are headed in that direction-we just need to get decision makers behind it and behind the use of LED street lights quickly.  Not star stuck here-just want to see more of the stars that glow brightly in this latitude.  

To discuss more about LED street lights or other LED lighting solultions, give GET, LLC a call at 671-483-0789 or drop us a message via our website at

Can I Help You? An Ambit Energy National Consultant's Advice.

Great advice this week from Ambit Energy National Consultant Carlos Marin who stressed to GET,LLC and other consultants that in life, you generally get what you put in.

Marin said, "Generally speaking, the most unhappy people you'll meet are completely self-absorbed and the happiest people you'll meet are those who lose themselves in the joy of helping and serving others.

Those who help others are eventually helped. It's very similar to how our business model is set up. By helping others become successful, we in turn become successful ourselves.
It's important to be focused on your own goals and achievements, but remember - if you want truly lasting results and fulfillment in your business you have to help others get what they want, in order to have you want.

Get on the phone with your business partners and help them grow their business. You get to reap the rewards and benefits, too.

Your paycheck is simply a reflection of the diligent effort and focus you've put into your business. Wish it were bigger? Devote more time building your business and helping your partners. You'll see your check grow, and so will theirs!

Thanks Carlos.  

This blog post and others on this issue is exactly what Carlos is talking about-we are here to help you become successful.

Again to find out how to turn on the cash flow whenever someone uses electricity and gas at is now Ambit Energy Country.  

Let's talk further about this exciting opportunity.

Steel is Good "Shelter from the Storm"

A great article by Mark Robbins of Metal Construction News recently brings to mind a great sale pitch for metal buildings: "...with proper design and storm-resistant construction, the damage to buildings by Mother Nature's tantrums can be greatly reduced."

While building to code is just not enough, ensuring your metal building is designed and constructed to resist wind effects is very important.  Living in the Western Pacific that is so true.  Life in "Typhoon Alley" means you must build to withstand hurricane or typhoon force winds of 170 miles per hour.  The best constructed steel buildings on Guam have answered that call.  There are still some post-War buildings that stand today on our island that have seen dozens of storms come and go in our latitude.  Must mean that the construction of the vertical and lateral load paths of these monuments to Mother Nature were spot on.  Fasteners, bracing and straps were also instrumental in keeping these buildings intact.

In discussions with CECO Building Systems, they have assured that will take extra efforts to ensure that steel building built on Guam will be properly engineered to this extreme weather condition that I believe is such a value added benefit for the local steel building customer.  Extra time to ensure that their product can withstand the harsh elements related to tropical storms or typhoons in the Western Pacific is a testament to their commitment to great customer service and above all-keeping the building owner and the neighboring public to these facilities safe.

While perlins and girts need to be strengthened,  it is the roof that must be able to be storm-resistant.  One of our partners in Fabral are just as committed to protecting against the sometimes volatile Western Pacific trade winds.  Their attention to detail in the engineering of roofing systems can be seen on a number of buildings here in Micronesia and take the extra step with weather tightness warranties that are so very important out here.

Other parts of the steel building from the gutter, louvers and curbs cannot be overlooked in relation to being storm ready.  Windows and doors should also be impenetrable to the harsh environments that island life can bring.  

Design to code and install correctly.  Take these steps and your metal building will serve your needs for decades and saves costs and reduces liabilities during a storm.  For more on metal building solutions for your organization, please contact GET, LLC.  Our strategic partnership with MCR Guam Inc. and Metal Construction Resources LLP will ensure you have the best metal building for your needs.  Drop us a line or call us to discuss further.

Guam-A Different Perspective

The tension between the Executive and Legislative Branch of Guam's government was ratcheted up today as Senators of the 32nd Guam Legislature voted down the appointment of Henry Taitano to head up the Guam Economic Development Authority (GEDA).  Taitano did not have Eight votes to confirm his appointment as GEDA Administrator.  This is an example of the Administration not taking enough time to count votes ahead of the vote today-even after a delay.  

There is no question that Henry may have not had the "right stuff" to lead the agency tasked with all the public sector financing here.  The inquiries into his past and current business dealings drew enough doubt in the minds of lawmakers.  But, the televised Session debate on the Taitano Confirmation was downright ridiculous at times. 

He is a family man.  He is a God-fearing individual.  He has a genuine desire to serve the people of Guam.  Lawmakers called Taitano  an "educated young man who probably needs more real-world experience to kind of smooth out those rough edges".  Very supportive , but the rhetoric did not translate into votes.  At the end of the day, a bright young mind in our island community was denied a chance to serve.  

We all have seen this before.  Since the start of the Camacho Administration in 1971, many men and women have been sent before the Guam Legislature  entrusted to lead an Executive Branch agency and Senators exerted their authority in this process in many different ways.  Some appointees go through quick while others are knocked out with no regard for the potential the appointee can give to advancing the mission of a given agency. Our Island's Chief Executives have all struggled with this over the past 42 years.  Seven Governors spent much time seeking out the best minds to help administer government.  The selections aren't always the best- but the best  for that given time and era of Guam's history.  And importantly-these folks have the full faith and trust of the Governor of Guam.

 In my eyes, the timing of this latest setback is equally as important.  

The Administration is soon heading into budget talks.  This budget headed into an election cycle.  With the Territory being left to fend for itself post-Sequestration and facing a delayed Guam Buildup Program, the summer and the legislation to be brought forward into the new fiscal year will be important.  Also, jockeying into the next election cycle will begin throttling up in the fall and will be in full swing come the start of the New Year. 

While the latest actions out of the Guam Legislature may barely bat an eye within the local news media, the talk at the dinner tables, water coolers and village fiestas is already fueling speculation for 2014.  Who is running?  Who is not running?  Who is backing who?  These are great questions that a single confirmation rejection could contribute to an deliberate action in the polling booths in 18 months by the electorate.  The long term memory of the more than 50,000 registered voters will be surely put to the test.

April Yields Jump in Consumer Confidence Index

The Conference Board recently reported that the Consumer Confidence Index gained more than six points in April to stand at 68.1, up from 61.9 in March.

The Present Situation Index increased to 60.4 from 59.2 (1985=100) while the Expectations Index improved to 73.3 from 63.7 last month.

Furniture Today, a new favorite site of GET, LLC,  reports that this month's gain continued the index's up-and-down pattern for the year. It rose 10 points in February and declined eight points in March before the April gain.

"Consumer Confidence improved in April, as consumers' expectations about the short-term economic outlook and their income prospects improved," said Lynn Franco, director of economic indicators at The Conference Board. "However, consumers' confidence has been challenged several times over the past few months by such events as the fiscal cliff, the payroll tax hike and the sequester. Thus, while expectations appear to have bounced back, it is too soon to tell if confidence is actually on the mend."

The Conference Board is a global, independent business membership and research association working in the public interest with a mission to provide the world’s leading organizations with the practical knowledge they need to improve their performance and better serve society.

The report also pointed out that the consumers' outlook for the labor market was also more positive. Those expecting more jobs in the months ahead improved to 14.2% from 13%, while those expecting fewer jobs decreased to 22.4% from 26%. The proportion of consumers expecting their incomes to increase rose to 16.8% from 14.6%, while those expecting a decrease declined to 16% from 17.7%.

10 YEAR WARRANTY-Independence LED Lighting Makes Huge Announcement at LIGHT FAIR International

Great news to come out of the recently completed LIGHT FAIR International held in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania-INDEPENDENCE LED LIGHTING HAS NEW 10 YEAR WARRANTY!

GET, LLC is so very proud to be an Authorized Distributor of Independence LED Lighing and able to offer the "strongest Warranty" in the marketplace: 10 Years + the Highest Efficiency: 112 Lumen / Watt for LED tubes. 

It is pretty exciting that the 2013 combination of best in class warranty protection and energy reduction further secures the position of Independence LED as the “Best Built LED Tube.”

On the heels of this announcement, Energy Manager Today recently featured Independence LED Lighting CEP Charlie Szoradi on the news of the 10 year warranty. Szoradi is quoted in the Colordao-based daily trade publication that "While some facility managers have taken a measured approach to lighting upgrades, replacing older fluorescent lights with newer models, there’s more talk of LED leapfrogging, or just jumping to the end-game and retrofitting with LEDs, rather than repeatedly paying for the labor of installing slightly better fluorescents."

Szoradi adds there are three factors to consider to maximize the return on investment of LEDs:
  • run time
  • inefficiency of existing lights,
  • cost of electricity.

"Run time refers to how long the lights are turned on," said Szoradi.  "The highest run times are locations where the lights are on 24×7. If the existing lights are highly inefficient, then obviously the return on investment of a retrofit will be higher. And markets with high costs of electricity are good places to retrofit with LEDs, as well. If a building is high on all of these factors, it’s the perfect application scenario for LEDs."

Guam and the Western Pacific have power rates that are among the highest in the world.  Making the switch to LED lighting here will certainly provide a great investment with positive results. Utilizing an Independence LED Lighting solution, with help from GET, LLC, expect a quality product and the industry's best warranty.  Give us a call or drop us a line to discuss lighting solutions for your respective facility or building.