The S-5! Clip-A Product Line That Is Expanding

The first time I came across an S-5! Clip was two years ago on a roofing project at Naval Base Guam.  After completion of an over 150,000 square foot standing seam metal roof with Serrano Development Corporation, part of the scope was to ensure that the roof-mounted ventilation across this vast metal roof was properly secured to the structure.  The S-5! Clips brought on this particular job were pretty neat in its construction and offered a versatility I had never seen before.  A superior product that works well on these particular roof systems.  It was strong.  Plain and simple.

Near the end of last year, S-5! announced the expansion of its product line with 14 new clamps to attach roof accessories including solar and photovoltaic products, to metal roofs. 

Give the Colorado Springs, Colorado-based company credit for developing the new products to be cost-effective non-penetrating attachment systems. S-5!'s CorruBracket 100T attaches to corrugated roofing profiles and is fixed to the crest of the corrugation, leaving the drainage plane free of holes to protect against leaks. CorruBracket 100T comes with a factory-applied EPDM rubber gasket seal on the base and reservoir that conceals the EPDM from UV exposure.

S-5!'s S-5-V Clamp and S-5-V Mini Clamp fit most vertical-folded seam profiles manufactured in North America including structural and architectural profiles. The S-5-V Clamp works with other S-5! products including ColorGard, and the S-5-V Mini Clamp attaches rooftop accessories including signs, walkways and satellite dishes.

S-5!'s S-5-H Clamp and S-5-H Mini Clamp are two-piece clamps that accommodate metal roof panels with a horizontal seam. The clamps attach to the horizontal seam on the vertical leg of the seam.

My suggestion for metal building owners-if you don't have these on your roofs, you are missing out.

To find out more about how GET, LLC, through our metal building partners, including Ceco Building Systems,  can help with your next steel building or aluminum roofing project, give us a call at 671-483-0789 or our website at for more information.   


Inside the Watt Controlled LED Driver

Assistant Marketing Manager for Deco Lighting Amanda Keen wrote a great post on her company's Blog recently on how our Commerce, California-based partners have come up with a watt-controlled driver for their lighting products that is outperforming the competition in this ever changing marketplace. 

Keen wrote that most LED Drivers are only capable of operating in mild environments, rated for operation up to 75° or 80° Celsius (167°F or 176°F) and remarked that temperatures inside a lighting fixture are often higher than this.

"Small fixture compartments and poor air circulation can generate extreme heat, often coming close to temperatures that boil water," wrote Keen.  "The heat results in damage to the driver’s battery-like electrolytic capacitors. The electrolyte, which is typically a gel, evaporates over the life of the capacitor’s components. Higher operating temperatures speed up this evaporation, shortening the life of the capacitor and leading to premature driver failure."

It appears that Deco Lighting has solved the dilemma of premature power supply failure by utilizing watt-controlled drivers designed to stand up to extreme heat. Unlike other LED drivers, Deco LED watt-controlled drivers are rated for operation up to 90° Celsius (194 °F).

"Our process focuses on making the driver operate cooler and longer than the competition," wrote Keen.

Deco Lighting's  driver components are positioned on the circuit board in a manner that prevents the build-up of heat. Also, their circuit boards are arranged in a way that allows Deco Lighting driver components to touch the metal housing so the driver components can be used as a heat sink. Also, Deco insulates key heat-sensitive components inside the driver.

Interesting to note, Deco Lighting ensures quality in every component that comprises their LED lighting fixtures, from high-quality Nichia LEDs to finely-engineered heat transfer castings to state-of-the-art drivers. GET,LLC has these on Guam and would be happy to arrange a presentation.

It is for these reasons why we are so bullish about Deco Lighting. Yes. Deco Lighting offers a ten-year, one hundred thousand hour warranty, which includes labor. Deco’s warranty backs up the confidence they have in their products-we stand ready here and across Micronesia to support them.

For more information about Deco's LED drivers or other products please check out our website at or call us at 671-483-0789 to discuss solutions for your important lighting needs-All Made in America!!!

Happy New Year!

Hafa Adai! GET, LLC would like to wish you a prosperous New Year! 2015 will be a great year and hope you all will be a part of it.