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Cisco Turns 30-Consider a Firewall to Celebrate the Business Milestone

GET,LLC is proud to be a Cisco Registered Partner. Even more importantly, we are as proud to say Happy Birthday to Cisco who is celebrating their 30th Anniversary in business.  

The technology of Cisco has certainly changed the way the world works lives and plays. They credit the people who built Cisco over the past three-decades. We tip our hats to them as well. What a great team to work with.   Also, they pioneered much across the networking business.  Their Advanced Gateway Services Router was Cisco's first product back in 1986.  The AGS was networking until IP came along. Cisco stayed with their routers when others jumped into their marketplace.  Cisco bet on IP-today it dominates.  Cisco also noted that the internet would change our lives-the mid 1990's they saw the future that is today.  Collaboration dominates.  

So to Cisco-Happy Birthday! 

What about the next 30 years? 

One day at a time-starting with Cisco’s next-generation firewall (NGFW) that offers the industry’s first adaptive, threat-focused firewall solution, Cisco® ASA with FirePOWER™ Services. It delivers superior, multilayered protection, improves visibility, and reduces security costs. Achieve integrated threat defense across the entire attack continuum with the proven Cisco ASA firewall combined with the industry’s most effective next-generation IPS and advanced malware protection.

As a Cisco partner, GET, LLC will deliver a total package to help you maximize your return on investment as you move to the NGFW. We offer:
●          Migration and technical support services
●          Trade-in promotions and Cisco financing
●          Security Ignite and other specialized promotions

With what is happening all around the world, even with some of the most noted corporations, it is better to be safer than sorry and stop network intrusion with this innovative product.

GET, LLC is a proud Cisco Registered Partner providing the latest Cisco products and services direct to businesses and organizations. For more about our role as a Cisco Registered Partner and the benefits it brings to you and your business contact us at 671-483-0789 or at


Guam-A Different Perspective

As we close the new year and headed into 2015 and the inauguration of a new public officials, I thought it would be a good time to write about one Guam politician whose political future has been under much speculation over the past several months.

A part of what The Hill newspaper this week has described as "one of the most unproductive and least popular Congresses in history," Guam Delegate Madeline Bordallo fought for her political life and won during a cycle against one of the most divisive and least known candidates for the Island's seat in the U.S. House of Representatives.  Not exactly a barnburner.  When Congress gaveled for the final time, many critics noted that this past two-year period that will be remembered for its brinksmanship and lack of legislating-government shutdown and all. 

Yes-MZB did finally get funding pushed ahead for the first part of the Pacific Pivot to Guam and loosened monies from the Japan Diet to move the III Marine Expeditionary Force to the U.S. Territory. She also bailed out local contractors fearful of the caps on H-Visas with the help of CNMI Delegate Gregorio Sablan. Killili's 11th hour capitulation on this important economic issue in the Northern Marianas comes as this Congress was wrestling with the heavy handed immigration executive order proffered last month by President Barack Obama. Gotta tip our hats to both for pulling this off.  Were their other notable actions by Congresswoman Bordallo over the past two years?  Guam opted out of ObamaCare. War Claims effectively was shelved.  Education received a smidgen of help.  A tough climate in Washington D.C. that saw a reduction of about 40 percent in federal monies to Guam in the past year alone.  A new reality indeed.

What about the next two years for the Guam Delegate?

This Blogger believes a sensible approach to the Guam Buildup Program will dominate  talks led by Congresswoman Bordallo.  That will be plenty.  Even a change in policy by our two-term Governor of Guam to focus on federal policy won't be enough to move Guam's most prolific politician from the head of the table to the sidelines until she is done with this term-some insiders conceding could be her last. 

Bordallo will be 83 at the start of the next election cycle.  The average age of those in the 113th Congress was among the highest in recent U.S. History-a mean age of 57. The 114th probably near that number.  Age won't be an issue in two years, but longevity of service may.  With 34 years in public service, many are asking if Bordallo should hang it up already.  I think she has plenty of gas in her tank. When she is ready to step aside, the coronation of a replacement for her seat will make her the proverbial "King or Queen Maker" as she sails off into the sunset of political retirement.

Congresswoman Madeline Bordallo has surely earned her seventh term and her place in Guam's History Books. Look to the next two years for her to reiterate that, "we will always be neighbors, friends, and relatives and we will always share Guam as our common ground."

Shake Up At Philips Lighting

It was not too long after I started this blog that I was congratulating my former boss Bruno Biasiotta on his work as President and CEO of Philips Lighting North America.  Today, our friends at the Franklin, Tennessee-based Edison Report is reporting that Bruno is out at Philips and Amy Huntington is in as his replacement.  The changes will begin on December 31, 2014.  

The former executive of energy services company Johnson Controls, Biasiotta brought his successful business strategies at JCI and turned around a company that needed it-part of a continually growing industry. His focus was luminaires because, it is the "largest opportunity and the segment undergoing the most significant change." Back in early 2013 he said that "in 2017, the North American Lighting Market should be about $19B."

In 2014, there were layoffs across Philips Lighting, including a cutting of staff at a Tupelo, Mississippi manufacturing center and grumblings across the Philips brand world wide. 

These surely may not have contributed to Bruno leaving the post at Philips, but know that there are many-a-company across America and the world that would be able to use his skill sets to advance their business models and profits. 

Philips Lighting was valued at $3.75 Billion. Under Bruno's leadership, the company attained this mark and private equity firms were fighting for a chance to invest in the company.  Even Cree was making grumbling about acquiring the lighting giant.  

We certainly wish Bruno good luck on his next endeavor-thank for all that you have done for us and your influence on what we do at GET,LLC.

Need an LED solution for your facility? Check out our website at or give GET, LLC a call at 671-797-0789.  We are a provider of Independence LED Lighting and Deco Lighting Inc. products-Made in America!!!

Guam-A Different Perspective

The countdown to election day continues.  Ahead of Super Tuesday, the most significant of election discourse took place last night at the University of Guam Fieldhouse.  Started in 1994 by Public Administration students at UOG, "The Great Debates" have afforded the Island's electorate a chance to further understand the main policy vision of the men and women who have run for the position of Governor of Guam.  Prior to this formal debate format, candidate plowed their trade in the scores of pocket meetings from Yigo to Umatac-all in hopes for getting enough support to ascend to the seat as Chief Executive of the U.S. Territory. 

This election cycle is not any different than the ones in years past.  Though in recent memory, this run for Adelup has been filled with more earned media bashing the integrity of the other candidate and paid media that just only now is filling the airwaves-a sign of Guam's economic reality. 

The 2014 race pits a sitting Governor versus a Two-Term Governor.  Much has changed in four years that has now made this race about record. But you wouldn't be able to tell that.  There has now been two "public" interactions between the two candidates for Governor. Other efforts were not successful to engage the public interaction between Guam's political party candidates.  Press releases and terse statements have filled local media in-boxes and fax machines that are filled with more political rhetoric than ever before.  Yet, in four days the electorate is being asked to make a decision on our political landscape for the next four years.

Is this acceptable to you and me as a member of the electorate and tax-paying citizens of this  great Island?  The short answer is no.  Something needs to change and quickly.

Public policy discussions on "pocket book" issues related to minimum wage, increasing commodities pricing and job creation were not showcased.  The candidates for Governor did not articulate their plan to grow our isolated American economy over the next four years.  The two shared little of their respective vision on federal policy, improving the state of healthcare, addressing the growing crime rate and position on growing a modern education system in Micronesia. The chance for the candidates to bring these and other important matters of our citizenry to the fold last night came out flat.  The students questions were engaging and important to undecided voters who seem to have been able to now decide on which camp to vote for.  Both candidates for Governor came out swinging in defense of their "integrity".  Why?  After nearly two weeks of defending "integrity", it made no sense to continue such rhetoric on Guam's biggest political stage of the season. The tone could have been set for a lively "debate" on the issues that matter the most to me and you. Did we all better understand the direction of our Island over the next four years?

Guam voters are very sensitive. Guam voters have long memories. Guam voters now have to make a choice. The time is get across their concerns, policy plans and vision came and went.  "The Great Debate" did  have a winner and an loser. Both camps will argue who did better than the other. The answer to this question will be soon be answered.  When?  The election for Governor of Guam was won following the final word and handshake. The prize will be a "Super Tuesday" victory and an Inauguration in January 2015.

LED Lighting: 80% of Market by 2030

The U.S. Department of Energy is reporting that light-emitting diode (LED) lighting will achieve an 84% general-lighting-market penetration by 2030, substantially more than the 74% penetration DOE predicted just last year. 

In their "Energy Savings Forecast of Solid-State Lighting in General Illumination Applications" report, DOE found that in 2013, LED-lighting sales comprised an overall 3% market share. By 2020, the federal agency believes, LED sales will comprise almost half (48%) of all U.S. general-lighting-market sales. 

By 2030, DOE estimates that LEDs will dominate in each of the eight sub-markets it examined-five indoor to include general service lighting and three outdoor that includes street lighting.

The Tennessee-Based Edison Report says that LED penetration of the general-service sub-market will grow fast-with the DOE saying it will attain a 55% market share by 2020. In the street/roadway sub-market, DOE is projecting an 83% LED market share by 2020 and an almost 100% share by 2030. LEDs’ market penetration should accelerate after that date, however, and is expected to also achieve a near-100% sub-market penetration by 2030.

Interesting to this blogger, the DOE report said that in 2013, lighting was responsible for about 17% of the nation's total electricity consumption and expect an increased reliance on LED lighting as the technology reduces U.S. lighting-energy consumption by 15% in 2020 and by 40% in 2030, saving about $26 billion at today's electricity prices.  This point not lost by the largest advocate of High Benefit Lighting® for nearly four decades, the National Lighting Bureau.

“I’m confident that these are the best predictions available on this subject, but – like all predictions – they cannot consider the unknown," said National Lighting Bureau Chair Howard P. Lewis. "One of the biggest unknowns is ‘what will the lighting industry come up with next’?  Between now and 16 years from now, it’s highly likely that we’ll be dealing with ‘the next big thing'. This means that more products and more types of products will be competing on the basis of efficiency, cost, and functionality, and that’s a good thing.”

The key here is efficiency.  At some point, LEDs will be the only clearly viable solution to reducing energy while lighting our way in a growing world.

Need an LED solution for your facility? Check out our website at or give GET, LLC a call at 671-797-0789.  We are a provider of Independence LED Lighting and Deco Lighting Inc. products-Made in America!!!

Public Sector-"Just Switch It!"

At GET,LLC, we can say we have just a bit of public sector experience in Micronesia. Having served at both the local and federal government levels in different capacities over the past decade, GET,LLC is a credible source to assist our government friends in bringing the latest technologies to the various work forces-particularly in Information Technology (IT).   

Through our partnership with Cisco, we believe we can answer a couple of important questions relative to access across the government network.    

A Cisco Unified Access solution helps state and local governments (SLG) provide a higher level of service to its citizens.  Unified Access capabilities weave together services, people, agencies, and information into a single, pervasive solution using the network as the platform. Cisco is making it possible for state and local government, government agencies, and citizens to connect in ways never before imagined. With Cisco’s Unified Access solution, public sector organizations and agencies can do more with less while providing a higher level of service and offering constituents new tools and resources to enhance quality of life.  It addresses and simplifies critical SLG challenges like BYOD, Software Defined Networking (SDN) Investment Protection, Video Deployments and Security.

Cisco’s Unified Access solution provides critical benefits to state and local government:

Simplifies SLG BYOD deployments by providing converged access-The backbone of the network is critical in supporting BYOD and mobility. SLG’s  need to resolve inconsistencies between wired and wireless infrastructure in order to deliver operational simplicity, organizational agility, and better user experience. This is accomplished by the Unified Access integration of wired and wireless operational tools

Manages Mobile Device Surge: Manage Three Times More Devices on the Network-An average constituent now carries three times more devices. Internet of Things devices such as sensors, closed-circuit televisions (CCTVs), and building automation are being connected to the network. State and local governments can accommodate this surge with a highly secure, reliable wireless network consisting of Aironet 3700, 2600, and 1600 access points.

Provides SDN Investment Protection-Every government IT department is being asked to do more with less. At the same time, complexity is multiplying with more devices, more applications, and more traffic on the network. As a result, IT departments are looking at network automation and SDNs to facilitate simplicity, agility, and lower TCO.  Cisco’s Catalyst 6800 and 6500-E switches support the Cisco onePK SDN toolkit. You can easily build applications to automate operations and create services across the campus for increased simplicity. 

Optimizes Security-Security is a high priority for state and local governments due to BYOD, regulatory compliance, and increased network attacks. IT directors for SLG organizations often have dedicated budgets to address security and compliance challenges. Cisco’s Unified Access solutions can help if you currently have separate, inconsistent security policies for wired, wireless, and remote access with the Cisco Identity Services Engine. 

Simplifies Energy Management Across the Network to Cut IT Costs-The Cisco EnergyWise suite of software and services will significantly reduce energy costs throughout the campus or distributed office environment-some of the highest in the United States.

If you are ready to refresh your respective government agency's infrastructure to meet the current needs of BYOD, Mobility, Advanced Security, & IT simplification, give GET,LLC and let's talk about making this happen over the course of the new fiscal year.

GET, LLC is a proud Cisco Registered Partner providing the latest Cisco products and services direct to businesses and government organizations. For more about our role as a Cisco Registered Partner and the benefits it brings to you and your particular government business contact us at 671-483-0789 or check out our website at

Training vs. Compliance-What is best for Work At Height?

A great article was posted today by the on-line version of the Lift and Access Magazine. The Fort Dodge, Iowa based publication continues their support of the aerial lift industry with a intriguing look at training in the construction industry-specifically the safe use of lift equipment while ensuring local and federal compliance for jobsite safety and competency.

Got us thinking here at GET,LLC that training that does both should be the goal for any employer of lifting equipment operators. Safety experts agree that the best training combines elements of classroom, online, and hands-on training. It must cover general topics, practical instruction, assessment of knowledge, and familiarization. 

“There is a difference between familiarization and training, and that’s one of the most misunderstood concepts in our industry,” says Scott Owyen, Global Training Manager for Genie Industries. 

Owyen notes that classroom or online instruction followed by hands-on demonstration and practice should take 5-9 hours. Familiarization simply reviews the operational manual, controls and decals specific to the make and model not previously operated by a qualified operator.

Blended learning, which combines self-guided online instruction training with hands-on training, is viewed as more effective according to a 2010 U.S. Department of Education study called “Evaluation of Evidence-Based Practices in Online Learning. According to the report: “Instruction combining online and face-to-face elements had a larger advantage relative to purely face-to-face instruction than did purely online instruction.”

The U.S. Department of Education’s study also reports that “online learning can be enhanced by giving learners control of their interactions with media and prompting learner reflection.”

Online program delivery ensures consistent and standard delivery of topics. With online training, employees can complete general material on their own time and at their own pace, which means less productivity downtime for employers and convenience for employees.

Additionally, the related assessment process is designed to verify the operator’s competency. Course results and proof of completion certificates are stored in databases-that allows employers or operators easy access to their records.

While OSHA prescribes specific expectations for forklift operator training, the industry has lacked any cohesive guidance when it comes to training operator of aerial work platforms. But that may be changing in the near future. We hope so and look forward in it being an iterative process. 

If you have any aerial lift needs and would like to discuss potential solutions, please drop GET, LLC a line via our website at or give us a call at 671-797-0789-your authorized Terex/Genie Representative for Guam and Micronesia.

Guam-A Different Perspective

With the election cycle in full swing in Guam, this blogger felt the need to discuss the need to have a Gubernatorial Debate.  

The debate allows discourse on the major issues of the day. Interaction between the two candidates for the Governor of a U.S. Territory or a State for that matter allows the electorate a glimpse into who the man or woman that is seeking the support to be their respective government's Chief Executive.  But the debate cannot and should not be done for the sake of doing them and allowing a stage that does not dignify the respective office.  

From Maryland to Ohio, this specific form of political speech is being played out in many a different forum. As incubators of democracy the Governor's Office is won or lost by what is said at these events. Years ago, a Texas politico described debates the best as a place where the ordinary voter can watch and witness their candidates answer questions that are well-thought-out with minimal opportunities for spin. Oh, how much changes with the years and candidates for public office.

While I missed seeing the first gubernatorial debate for the Office of the Governor of Guam in person, I must give technology props-specifically a You Tube video-that gave me a front row seat to the fireworks at the Rotary of Club of Guam's version of the debate held earlier today. Watching for the first time or seeing it multiple times via my favorite Facebook Friends, it was clear that both came ready for a brawl in front of a crowd that espouses "Service Above Self".

I was a bit taken back that both candidates did not recognize their audience and held to hard line political themes that would be better suited in the Great Debate hosted a week before the election by the University of Guam. From an appearance standpoint, both looked very relaxed. But as the barbs were traded from the start, the body language and facial expression told an entirely different story. They really didn't look at each other in the eye and at times looked angrily at the other.  There was a look of indifference that each shared with one another and their "spin" was pretty poor for the first time out of the blocks this election season.  The moderator and timer had completely lost control of the debate.  Questions were answered-but not without plenty of political gamesmanship.  In fact, I think the two struggled to answer the questions explicitly.  

While I thought the former Governor and the incumbent Governor could have been a bit more focused on the issues of the day, both seemed intent on trying to crush each other's integrity from the onset.  The informality did not help much and led to more candor reflecting the rhetoric being shared from village to village, from pocket meeting to pocket meeting, to strategy meetings with their respective Party faithful. 

With more of these interactions to come, my advice to both parties-GET YOUR CANDIDATE UNDER CONTROL! 

This election cycle is turning into one of the most pivotal in four decades.  Many eyes are watching this theatre and are hoping that the best man to lead Guam over the next four years is chosen with a mandate of votes-more than a 487 vote margin. Many a decision in the voting booth starts and ends with what the electorate sees in the gubernatorial debates and forums. 

So do we need debates? 

You decide.

LED Light Creators Win Nobel Prize

The driving forces behind the creation of the Light-Emitting Diode were rewarded for their vision and revolutionary work. The Nobel Prize in Physics 2014 © The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences was awarded jointly to Isamu Akasaki, Hiroshi Amano and Shuji Nakamura "for the invention of efficient blue light-emitting diodes which has enabled bright and energy-saving white light sources".

The press release from the Nobel Foundation ( said it all,

"This year’s Nobel Laureates are rewarded for having invented a new energy-efficient and environment-friendly light source – the blue light-emitting diode (LED). In the spirit of Alfred Nobel the Prize rewards an invention of greatest benefit to mankind; using blue LEDs, white light can be created in a new way. With the advent of LED lamps we now have more long-lasting and more efficient alternatives to older light sources.

When Isamu Akasaki, Hiroshi Amano and Shuji Nakamura produced bright blue light beams from their semi-conductors in the early 1990s, they triggered a fundamental transformation of lighting technology. Red and green diodes had been around for a long time but without blue light, white lamps could not be created. Despite considerable efforts, both in the scientific community and in industry, the blue LED had remained a challenge for three decades.

They succeeded where everyone else had failed. Akasaki worked together with Amano at the University of Nagoya, while Nakamura was employed at Nichia Chemicals, a small company in Tokushima. Their inventions were revolutionary. Incandescent light bulbs lit the 20th century; the 21st century will be lit by LED lamps.

White LED lamps emit a bright white light, are long-lasting and energy-efficient. They are constantly improved, getting more efficient with higher luminous flux (measured in lumen) per unit electrical input power (measured in watt). The most recent record is just over 300 lm/W, which can be compared to 16 for regular light bulbs and close to 70 for fluorescent lamps. As about one fourth of world electricity consumption is used for lighting purposes, the LEDs contribute to saving the Earth’s resources. Materials consumption is also diminished as LEDs last up to 100,000 hours, compared to 1,000 for incandescent bulbs and 10,000 hours for fluorescent lights.

The LED lamp holds great promise for increasing the quality of life for over 1.5 billion people around the world who lack access to electricity grids: due to low power requirements it can be powered by cheap local solar power."

Not many people know that the LED Blue Light was founded in our backyard after much work and effort. The Nobel awarding committee said the trio's work is in keeping with the spirit of Alfred Nobel, the founder of the prize, because LED lights save on energy, last long and are environmentally-friendly because they don't contain mercury.

It is such a thrill that the invention of the blue LED is just twenty years old, but since has already contributed to create white light in an entirely new manner to the benefit each and every one of us.

Need an LED solution for your facility? Check out our website at or give GET, LLC a call at 671-797-0789.  We are a provider of Independence LED Lighting and Deco Lighting Inc. products-Made in America!!!

"Just Switch It" to Next Generation Network Services

As a business owner, ask yourself if this is becoming common at your office:  

Devices flooding your network.  

Countless applications. 

Too much complexity and not enough visibility?  

GET, LLC says that it’s time to upgrade and simplify your network with smarter switches. You can address the growing number of devices and traffic in a cost-effective, secure way. Don’t wait to simplify the network so you can respond quickly.  Don't wait to secure the network with contextual policies and meet regulatory compliance requirements.  Don't wait to gain full visibility into what’s happening on your network.

Innovation in business requires innovation in the network. Upgrade your campus and branch switching and access point infrastructure. The network is more important than ever.

The Cisco Open Network Environment (ONE) is Cisco’s overarching vision to bring more openness and programability to all networks - across service providers, data centers, and enterprises. Now, you can begin making that vision a reality across campus and branch, WAN and LAN, and in both wired and wireless environments with the Cisco ONE Enterprise Networks Architecture.

The Cisco ONE Enterprise Networks Architecture transforms IT through an open and programmable platform for network services that brings networks and applications closer together. It creates a “feedback loop” between the network infrastructure and the applications running on top of it, allowing applications to access network intelligence at multiple levels and the network to be aware of the applications running on top of it. The capabilities unlock new business opportunities by enabling sophisticated connected mobile experiences (for example, advanced location-based services), diverse cloud services, and user-developed applications, allowing enterprises to respond quickly to new business opportunities with faster time to market.

GET, LLC is a proud Cisco Registered Partner providing the latest Cisco products and services direct to businesses and organizations. For more on the benefits that our Partnership can bring to you and your respective business, contact us at 671-483-0789 or at

Could There Be More Women in Construction?

As a HUBZone Certified Women-Owned Small Business, GET, LLC is priviliged to sit right at the construction industry table in this part of the world.  Each day, does not pass that we ask why are not more women in the field of construction?  As a recent editorial in the San Diego, California-based The Daily Transcript outlines, not many women take advantage of the opportunity to be a part of the construction field and have such high potential to close the gap in earnings as a part of this profession.  

Chief Financial Officer of Sherwood Mechanical William Smyth opined that as the American economy recovers from the recent recession, and construction jobs are becoming more plentiful from Maine to Guam USA, why aren’t more women pursuing opportunities in construction?

"Many women never even consider working in construction because of a lack of role models," wrote Smyth.  "The current absence of women craft professionals stamp construction as a boys-only club, a stubborn stereotype that isn’t true, but persists.

Other women are simply unaware there is a place for them in construction and that they are welcome in the profession. In the same Women’s Policy Research study, out of 200 women surveyed, only one said she learned anything about careers in construction from a high school counselor. Two others learned about their opportunities at a regional job-training center.

Lack of recruiting and exposure to construction trades plus persistent stereotyping and the lack of role models add up to a serious concern for the construction industry."

Smyth gives much credit to the the National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC) for helping change this situation.  

As a proud member of NAWIC, GET, LLC recognizes that this discussion is not a new one-in fact this topic has been at the forefront of construction professionals minds for over 60 years.  It is the awareness by these small business owners and construction professionals that continues to break the stereotypes. NAWIC provides its members with opportunities for professional development, education, networking, leadership training and public service-the Guam Chapter is no different.

"Thanks to the economic recovery, the construction industry nationwide added 20,000 jobs in August, which boosted employment in the industry to a five-year high," wrote Smyth.  "At the same time, unemployment among builders and crews fell to its lowest level in seven years, a combination that has builders in some areas delaying or turning away projects because they can’t staff up fast enough. There has never been a greater opportunity for groups across the construction industry to reach the common goal of advancing the roles of women in the workplace."

We agree.  

Like Mr. Smyth, GET,LLC encourages our industry leaders, educators, career counselors, advocacy groups like NAWIC and parents all over the Country to give young women the opportunity to explore careers in construction-when this happens everyone benefits.

For more information on NAWIC and the efforts of the Guam Chapter feel free to contact us at 671-797-0789.  GET, LLC is a proud member of NAWIC and stand in support of enhancing the success of women in the construction industry. 

Tips to Buying Metal Roofing

A recent article by Metal Construction News noted the challenges of the supply chain of America's top metal roofing manufacturers.  While the construction industry supply chain is having its problems, there is no question of the trickle down impacts to the rest of the specialty markets including metal roofing.  U.S. suppliers are concerned of the how such challenges are impacted by the infiltration of international competition and getting consumers to stay home when purchasing metal roofing. Also, new players in the market have long time metal roofing companies cautiously optimistic on what the future holds for their industry.

What will rule the day?  

One answer-the establishment of minimum requirements for metal roofing quality.  

US manufacturers remain under the constant barrage of products introduced into the American marketplace from all over the world.  Keeping bad metal out keeps the bad experiences out.  Performance is key here.  Process is just as important with an eye on pre-treatment, metal coating and substrate gauge.  Finally, experience is probably the single most important variable that a consumer must take into consideration before buying a metal roof-little experience means greater cost down the road for the unsuspecting building owner or facility manager.

Key to protecting both the consumer and this important U.S. market is education.  Writers on this topic are saying that consumers need to understand the language of metal and the metal roofing industry needs to raise awareness among consumers of the benefits of metal roofing as well as the importance of choosing the right contractor. 

Quality contractors also need to educate the marketplace as well.  Can they certify the coating, paint warranties, steel thickness and quality? Is there documentation to support the quality levels? The Metal Construction Association (MCA) has an established a certification program for metal roofing. According to Executive Director of the MCA Jeff Henry the program currently has 45 metal roofing products certified among a handful of manufacturers. If the program is expanded, industry experts believe such action will  ensure the industry doesn't suffer from adverse publicity because of poor metal roof performance.  

Bottom line-Contractors need to work with experienced, long-term providers who stand behind their work.

To find out more about how GET, LLC, through our metal building partners can help with your next steel building or aluminum roofing project, give us a call at 671-483-0789 or our website at for more information.    

British-Made Scissor Lift Attachment to Help On Job Sites

GET, LLC is always on the look-out for the latest technologies to assist on the aerial lift job site.  Taking items to height is challenging, especially when the limits of the scissor, boom or other aerial work platforms are already pushed to the limit with on-board operators and their respective tools of the trade.  From the other side of the pond, there is a new accessory for scissor lifts that may change the way professionals work at height and shorten those hours getting supplies to that challenging area on a project site.

South East England's Aerial and Handling Services has launched its new DRXmulti materials handling attachment for scissor lifts.  The Small Dole, UK-based sales and rental company rolled out the DRXmulti, which can be installed on every make and model of scissor lift, including low level access platforms such as Pop-Ups or Power Towers.

“Naturally we’re hoping this will be a very successful product, having taken us almost a year and a large investment to design and finish it ready for commercial sale," said Director of Aerial and Handling Services Ian Harding. "Everyone at AHS has been involved with the project, whether it was hands on design or a group collective when troubleshooting, and together we have all been responsible for the final product - it’s been much more than just blood sweat and tears!”

Weighting just 31 pounds, the fully CE approved (European Conformity) DRXmulti device can be setup in under five minutes and removed in less than a minute. It requires no drilling and can be singularly, dual or triple mounted if required. 

Once installed it can also be quickly reconfigured as pipe/rebar rack or a board carrier by simply swapping the jaws for clamps and adding board cups.

A number of London based construction firms are already using them on projects-including one that is using the DRXmulti to support concrete reinforcing bars with help of a scissor lift to provide a safe and efficient method of positioning the rebar during the building of a curtain wall. Let's see if this innovative product will make it out to the Pacific Rim on the complex projects that are taking place here over the course of the next decade or so.

If you have any aerial lift needs and would like to discuss potential solutions, please drop GET, LLC a line via our website at or give us a call at 671-797-0789-your authorized Terex/Genie Representative for Guam and Micronesia.

Wireless LED Controls-Making the "Switch"

There is a groundswell of support for switching to wireless control units for light-emitting diode (LED) lighting systems.  Now there may be some manufacturers out there that tout the effectiveness of their particular lighting control systems, but many rely on partnerships from major controls manufacturers to ensure that their collective efficiencies are achieved in tandem with saving energy.

Lighting is important to every operation of any organization. There is no question that lighting affects the productivity of employees, the impression of customers and clients, as well as energy expenditures.

Upgrading from a traditional lighting setup to a wireless controlled LED configuration will give you greater control over your lights, the aesthetics they generate, and the energy they use.

While traditional lighting solutions give you a one-size-fits all application for your entire facility, there are technologies in the market place that allow you to adjust light levels in different areas so that employees have exactly the light they need for their given tasks. 

Customization is key to any successful commercial LED lighting application, and with the right wireless controls for your facility, property managers and business owners alike don’t have to worry about too much or too little lighting in any one part of their space.

For instance, our friends at Deco Lighting have their DHBX multipurpose LED fixture that features integrated wireless controls that allow you to customize your lighting based on department and task, improving your organization’s overall efficiency and workflow.

The Commerce, California based company notes that if the sun is shining through your windows and your office is naturally bright, you may not need the full power of your lights, and while traditional lighting setups allow you to choose only “on” or “off,” Deco Lighting’s Linea Series of retrofit kits include wireless controls that make it easy to add and remove light depending on the time of day or outside lighting conditions. Also, Deco Lighting's commercial wireless LED solutions, allow you to adjust your lights according to your facility’s current natural light level.
GET, LLC and Deco Lighting agree that everyone is unique, and different people may have specific lighting preferences. For offices and other isolated workspaces, Deco’s wireless LED controls put lighting conditions in the control of employees, making it easy for them to adjust lighting scenarios based on shift time or personal comfort. Giving your employees a more enjoyable work environment is always a productivity booster.

The unique properties of Deco’s LED lights make them more attractive and more durable, but also more flexible and efficient.  Deco Lighting makes is easy for maintenance teams and operations managers to take charge of their lighting, offering several wireless LED lighting controls systems, such as the Deco Digital LED Cloud fixture.

For more information on bringing an LED lighting solution to your facility, please contact us at GET, LLC at 671-483-0789 or see our website at for details of the technologies that can be of significant value to all building owners-All Made in America!!!