NAWIC Guam Hosts 2017 Block Kids Event

It was not a typical Saturday on Guam. While many were just stirring their way to start yet another weekend in Paradise, a handful of our Island's young people made their way to the Guam Community College (GCC) to participate the in the third annual Block Kids Lego Competition hosted by the National Association of Women In Construction (NAWIC) Guam Chapter #381.

It was event that showcased originality.

It stirred creativity.

The event brought out imagination.

This Blogger was taken aback by the interest showed by the many kids and teachers in attendance. These school children, representing the villages of Yigo south to Merizo and all areas in-between, were eager to show off their skills with a Lego and their imaginative thinking using the iconic plastic construction toy. 

I talked to a number of parents at the event and all were very proud of the prep work each of their respective youngsters put into the NAWIC event.  No question that there were many in the 2017 edition that had participated in the two previous events. Additionally, many of the volunteers were excited to be a part of this signature event too.  I was impressed by the organization and energy-it was not hard to smile at the enthusiasm. 

NAWIC Guam works hard during the year to share the Block Kids Program with many island schools that culminates in the annual event at GCC. The work of the NAWIC Guam sisters paid off. Prizes were awarded for the top designs across the different grade levels-including a Lego version of the United States Capitol Building.  

Attitude and insight were rewarded today. I understand that the judges were impressed with the range of final products which they said gets better each and every year.  

At a time when we are wondering if our kids are losing their interest in such activities with the amount of mass media and technology getting the best of many their age, this event reminds us that the creation of the structures today are creations of Guam's future engineer or construction professional. 

One final note, a good portion of the participants in the Block Kids event were girls-including the youngest of my four daughters. 

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