This past week, the Guam Power Authority (GPA) rolled out its new My Energy Statement as an effort to improve the sharing of vital energy information with its customers.  For our small business, this new product is not just another social media campaign we helped roll out with GPA on Monday via the agency's Facebook page. As a home based business, the new GPA statement has features that really jump out at us. It is a product that all 50,000 GPA customers should take notice of. 

At first glance of the GPA My Energy Statement, the Read Date shown on the statement is key to knowing when GPA was in your neighborhood and monitored your meter for proper billing.  I think this issue puts to bed many concerns that questioned whether GPA actually did their job at our respective homes and home-based businesses each and every month.  Also, the outlining of the monthly customer charge is prominently displayed-even if you opted out of this by turning away the use of the Smart Meter. Effectively highlighted are the assortment of Energy Charges-well it better be prominent as Guam Public Law 21-142 mandates the GPA complete this important task for all  its rate-payers.  Not too far below this particular nugget of information is the infamous Fuel Recovery Charge. The Charge reference is the most well publicized of costs on this Statement and is followed closely by many on fixed incomes from Yigo to Merizo. While this blogger is not so crazy about the Emergency Water-Well and Wastewater Charge being shown on this product-the GWA Bill would be a better place for this-I am happy about the Average Daily Amount of Power Used Section. This bit of data is helpful for decision making for our homes and home-offices. This is the type of information that can drive the local sales of energy efficiency products like smart controls, Light-Emitting Diode (LED) lighting, solar thermal and even solar photovoltaic systems.

The GPA My Energy Statement is a great tool for all GPA customers. If you have yet to see it, we encourage you (yes-as a social media advisor to GPA) to visit to take that first step towards managing your household power use.

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